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Animal Energy

The Hidden Chronicles

If you are a Maestro Subgum and the Whole fan and/or fond of the musical programming in the mid 90s at the Lunar Cabaret in Chicago , this new release is a treat…

A Three Disc Set!

ANIMAL ENERGY: the *(until now) unreleased recordings of Beau O’Reilly and Miki Greenberg’s Hidden Chronicles.

In 1996,Beau and Miki recorded a couple of dozen... [read more]


Beau O'Reilly

Beau says about the album:

“I needed some intrigue. I challenged myself to make something new during the weird year that was 2020. I enjoy writing songs with different people, and felt interested in what would happen if I had to keep the instrumentation spare. I sent lyrics out to friends, they sent back demos, and most of it was recorded with no rehearsal. I accepted the keys and tempos my... [read more]

Glitterbox Panties


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Ladyscissors' Scissors T-Shirt


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(Not) Another Day Songs

Jenny Magnus

These tracks are part of a larger show called (Not) Another Day, a sung play about process and the ends of things, produced by The Curious Theatre Branch in September/October of 2018 at Prop Thtr in Chicago. In the live performance they were sung by the cast: Paul Brennan, Leo Brun, Brook Celeste, T-Roy Martin, Beau O’Reilly, Vicki Walden, and Julia Williams. These are versions I made to teach the songs to the... [read more]

Horses and Smoke

Ritt Deitz

Horses and Smoke, Ritt Deitz’ new album, his sixth on Uvulittle, was recorded live to open-reel tape last winter in Oregon, Wisconsin. Engineered and mixed by Bruce Kasprzyk, the album breathes with the authenticity that comes from years and years of playing with friends and family. Indeed, he's joined by his son Wilder on piano and his two core band members, Joe Meisel and Dave Foss. Madison fiddle wizard, Biff... [read more]

To The Nines


Showing off their lovely vocal arrangements, the album ranges from REM-like pop to moody, hypnotic rock, a la early Velvet Underground. Beautiful female harmonies often float over crunchy guitars with evocative thoughtful lyrics that feel urgent and politically potent. And catchy. The record is catchy. Even the background vocals will get stuck in your head.

"Madison band Ladyscissors covers a lot of... [read more]

The Simian Syndrome

Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

tribal psychosis w/ futuristic ritual & ambient sounds

The mighty Grape Juice Plus finally put those “bootleggy” recordings behind them with the release of their debut studio recording…THE SIMIAN SYNDROME!!!

Culled from sessions throughout 2016 at BaseStationBerwyn, THE SIMIAN SYNDROME is every Ape Rockonaught’s dream!!

This retro futuristic treat has been declared overdub free by the... [read more]

Lovelovelovelove STOP lovelovelove

The Crooked Mouth

Third release by Chicago's The Crooked Mouth.

Sharp, confident and rollicking. LoveloveloveloveSTOPlovelovelove shows off the band's new line-up to good effect. The songs are focused, intelligent and funny. The musicianship tasteful and just slightly off-kilter. The arrangements show off a playfulness that only comes with the confidence gained from hundreds and hundreds of gigs. As always, Crooked Mouth... [read more]

Music for the times

Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick picked a handful of her albums that thematically go together. We're offering it as a variable price digital download. Pay any amount from $1 - $1,000,000.

music of mine that's feeling particularly relevant at the moment, considering the state of the world (both good and bad)

[more info]... [read more]

Live at Juicy John Pink's - October 9, 1976

Susan & Richard Thomas

This 2 Disc album is a live concert from Juicy John Pink's, one of the premier acoustic music venues in the Chicago area during the mid 70's. Susan and RIchard Thomas were a husband and wife duo who were known and loved for the beauty of Susan's singing and songwriting, Richard's exquisite guitar work, and the wonderful way in which their voices blended and harmonized.

This is the second in our "Juicy... [read more]

Deck of Cards Art Project

These are sold in sets of two so you get two playable art decks featuring the art of over 70 artists.

"Art disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed." – Cesar A. Cruz

The goal of the Deck of Cards Art Project was to create a deck of cards using original artwork made by artists and non-traditional creators. The inspiration came from rejecting the notion that someone needs a 'license' to... [read more]

Small Blue Green Letters

Ritt Deitz

Small Blue Green Letters, Ritt’s latest recording and his fifth on the Uvulittle label, marks Deitz’s return to stringed instruments and voices and recalls his first full-length release, Hillbilly (Bentback 1999, anthologized on the 2006 Uvulittle release Collected 1999-2000), exchanging Steve Burke’s mandolin for Deitz’s banjo and with the harmonies of backing vocalist Lindsey Hinkel Craig Totten’s dobro work.... [read more]

every thing everything

Stephanie Rearick

A return to form. The piano, trumpet and vocals are front and center with the occasional foray into casio and loops.

Combining her classically-tinged piano tendencies with her love of looping Casio beats, trumpets and voice, Rearick exudes confidence and creates a universe of music all her own.

Her soundscape is rich. Cheery, creepy, lush, beautiful and very dreamlike. A gorgeous sorrow. A sublime... [read more]

Holy Bones

Mary Bue

Holy Bones is an indie-pop, musical commentary regarding a frazzled & hungry society. Written primarily on electric guitar with thick bass & rock ‘n roll drums, her new sound is fresher and lighter even when exploring the shadows of the modern American psyche. Mary Bue’s 6th studio album is a creative shift from her typical piano-driven singer-songwriting, funded in part by a career development grant... [read more]



Channeling the lo-fi garage rock vibe from Velvet Underground to Beat Happening, Ladyscissors mixes in a healthy dose of doo-wop vocals to create their debut album, Glitterbox.

Lorrie Hurckes - guitar, vox
Brent George - guitar
Anne Bull - bass, vox
Stephanie Rearick - drums, vox

Hometown: Madison, WI

Yes Face

The Crooked Mouth

Yes Face picks up where their debut ended. A little less country, perhaps.. First, though, the recording is lovely. Simple, complex, beautiful... It breathes. Deeply. As expected, the vocal arrangements are well conceived and executed flawlessly by people with an obvious passion for such perfections. The instrumentation is tasteful - bringing banjo and bluegrass sounds to folky show tune-y (almost) rock numbers.... [read more]

Black Galaxy Sparkle, Vol. 1

Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

This is the 2nd solo release by Barry Bennett.

Tribal/ambient/space/punk! Electro-organic timelines. Outer space haiku. Rock -n- roll howls. Sub woofer mattress pads. A mello-tronic caress. A psychedelic cab ride through Chennai.

Stephanie Rearick Jr. Dreamworld Tour Shirt

Stephanie Rearick Jr.

This fantastic green cotton tour shirt comes in both genders and a multitude of sizes.

Mens: S, M, L, XL, XXL
WoMens: M, L, XL, XXL


Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick Jr. - on casio, voice, loops and trumpet. Stephanie Rearick takes her classical/cabaret/pop in a beatier, bouncier direction.

"Like her previous work, Dreamworld presents colliding genre influences, eclectic covers, and whimsical notions. The difference is that Rearick sticks mostly to voice and cheap keyboards. She revels in the latter's goofy vibrato and tinny percussion sounds,... [read more]

Maestro Subgum - Box Set

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

We printed 100 numbered copies. Each box contains all 8 original Maestro Subgum and the Whole albums and a "Rares" CD containing some of the best of the previously un-released tracks from the archive. Box buyers also get access to the on-line archive of live and unreleased recordings. The albums are also available individually and as downloads. The "Mp3" and "Flac" versions include all the albums and a digital... [read more]


Maestro Subgum and the Whole

This collection of "Rares" from the Maestro Subgum and the Whole catalog spans their entire run, 1980 - 1995. Consisting of live and studio recordings, the sound quality varies but the creativity, beauty and humor remains high. In choosing the songs we prioritized songs that never made it onto one of the official releases and kept a lookout for the amazing.

Produced by Jon Hain and Beau O'Reilly.

Hot Ol' Wadda

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

By the early 90s, the creative font that was Maestro Subgum and the Whole erupted with an almost complete turnover in its song catalog. The sound changed significantly with the addition of a regular horn section, although a cappellas still happened, too.

The dual cassettes that came out of the Double Amazement sessions were dubbed Stormin’ And A Fever and Hot Ol’ Wadda. Jenny, Beau, and Miki wrote a lot... [read more]

Lost Lost Lost

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The pinnacle of the band’s recording career was Lost Lost Lost, both because of the variety of writers and singers and the size and tightness of the ensemble. The writing was still strong, but the horn and vocal arrangements had reached a new, fantastically satisfying level.

It was recorded at Acme Studios and mixed at C.M.C. Recorders, where mixer Joe DeLeonardis had a huge influence on the flow of the... [read more]

Stormin' And A Fever

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

By the early 90s, the creative font that was Maestro Subgum and the Whole erupted with an almost complete turnover in its song catalog. The sound changed significantly with the addition of a regular horn section, although a cappellas still happened, too.

The dual cassettes that came out of the Double Amazement sessions were dubbed Stormin’ And A Fever and Hot Ol’ Wadda. Jenny, Beau, and Miki wrote a lot... [read more]