Uvulittle Records history

Uvulittle Records was started by Mother Fool's Coffeehouse owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick in 1996 as a means to release a live album featuring various artists that played at their coffeehouse. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, they had run the coffeehouse for a little over a year and felt that a live CD would be a boost for the business.

Shortly after releasing "Live at Mother Fool's" Hain got involved with promoting his band's new album, Your Mom's "Royal Jelly." He called radio and press, eventually getting the CD onto playlists on over 100 college stations and collecting a good stack of reviews. "This was the turning point. I realized that I really enjoyed promoting music."

In 1996, Uvulittle released Yid Vicious' first CD. This release sold well and helped pay for releases by Jack The Dog, Stephanie Rearick and the wildly experimental MiLkBabY.

Yid Vicious released a second CD on Uvulittle in 2000 which was quickly bought out by the band when they received an offer from Knitting Factory Records. This, in turn, allowed Uvulittle to release Pascal's debut CD as well as the debut by Hain and Rearick's band The Coma Savants.

The Coma Savants broke up in early 2003.

CDs by folk rockster Ritt Deitz have followed.. Jim Schwall (of Siegel-Schwall Band fame) released his first solo acoustic CD on Uvulittle in late 2007.

2008 brought a new CD by Jenny Magnus (of Maestro Subgum and the Whole.)

Chicago's The Crooked Mouth...

The Maestro Subgum and the Whole Box set came out in 2014 and was the result of two years of tape transfers, re-mastering, video and photo digitizing and a bunch of legal this and that... And is amazing. 9 CDs in a beautiful wooden box with an accompanying on-line live archive with dozens of shows and recording sessions.

In addition to the artists that Uvulittle releases and promotes, we also distribute a catalog of incredible music. Ranging from pop to experimental to bluegrass to etc, etc.. We listen to tons of stuff and pick the best and most creative music to share with our devoted core customers.

Somewhere along the line we started a podcast. You can subscribe at our website or iTunes.

Thanks for listening. More to come. Stay tuned...