Beau O'Reilly


Beau O'Reilly

March 26, 2021
Uvulittle Records

CD, Mp3 download

Beau says about the album:

“I needed some intrigue. I challenged myself to make something new during the weird year that was 2020. I enjoy writing songs with different people, and felt interested in what would happen if I had to keep the instrumentation spare. I sent lyrics out to friends, they sent back demos, and most of it was recorded with no rehearsal. I accepted the keys and tempos my collaborators offered, though I enjoyed figuring in little musical touches and additional players throughout. Some things were hard to get right; I sang and Ralph Loza edited in bits and pieces over several months. Some things just rolled out like cake in single takes. I live within walking distance of the studio, and despite some COVID cancellations, the project moved along at a steady pace. Ralph was very open, very easy to record with. There’s a bucket of things we tried and didn’t use — some whole songs got considered and set aside. Perhaps we will hear them later… This is an evening of music: Two sets and two encores. If you are reading this, listen one set at a time. It's like a side B and a side A, in LP terms, with those juicy encores for dessert. I would love to hear how it strikes you. I mostly think we can always do something. I had fun.”

Songwriters include:

Jenny Magnus

Vernon Tongues

Jeff Kowakowlski

John Shaw

T-Roy Martin

Miki Greenberg

Stephanie Rearick

Sam Clapp

Dez Desormeaux

Heather Riordan

Julian Berke

Chris Schoen

Julie Williams

Miles Sennet

Court Dorsey

[ Jeb Bishop ] [ Miles Sennet ] [ Charles Austin ] [ Chris Schoen ] [ Damen Short ] [ Dez Desormeaux ] [ Ginger Ruth ] [ Heather Riordan ] [ Jeff Kowalkowsi ] [ Jenny Magnus ] [ Julie Williams ] [ Mike Amandes ] [ Michael Greenberg ] [ Paul Amandes ] [ Ralph Loza ] [ Sam Clapp ] [ Troy Martin ] [ Vicki Walden ] [ Beau O'Reilly ]
1 Big Black Scarf 3:04
2 Bring It Over Here 5:09
3 Prelude to The Hook / The Hook 4:32
4 Mr. Beau's Tango / Hard Bitter Blue 9:30
5 The Fabulous Destiny of Forrest's Clarinet / Falling 3:52
6 Big God 3:16
7 Honeyed Mouth 4:12
8 The Bat and The Fist 4:50
9 Love is The Province 2:21
10 There's a Button 3:45
11 Torvald's Store 4:36
12 Anglesmith 2:08
13 Head Up The Freeway 3:21
14 Love Around The Corner 5:39