Animal Energy

The Hidden Chronicles

Animal Energy

The Hidden Chronicles

January 1, 2022
Uvulittle Records

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If you are a Maestro Subgum and the Whole fan and/or fond of the musical programming in the mid 90s at the Lunar Cabaret in Chicago , this new release is a treat…

A Three Disc Set!

ANIMAL ENERGY: the *(until now) unreleased recordings of Beau O’Reilly and Miki Greenberg’s Hidden Chronicles.

In 1996,Beau and Miki recorded a couple of dozen songs after Maestro Subgum ended its run …Only half of those tracks were released on an album …the rest of those studio tracks, recorded by new music aficionado jeff Kowalkoski, sat in a closet , unlistened to, until earlier this year . Mixed by Ralph Loza and producer Beau,the recordings, in addition to Miki’s piano and Beau’s vocals, featuring Carrie Biolo on vibes, Jeb Bishop on trombone, Vernon Tonge on pedal steel, Jim Becker on guitar, Damon Short on drums, Colm O’Reilly on keyboard, make up the first disc of unreleased takes and songs.

The second and third disc is taken from five shows recorded on Dat tape by Colm at the Lunar Cabaret, featuring all of the above artists with special guests Orchestra Atypica on two tracks, Paul Leisen on cello on two tracks, Maestro Subgums final grouping: Beau, Miki, Jenny Magnus, Ned Folkerth and Liz Payne on one unreleased song and Jeff Kowalkoski joining Miki on a four handed Hammer with Jenny and Kate O'Reilly jumping in on harmonies.

Many of these songs had multiple live takes to choose from but others, particularly the Maestro ‘’covers’’, were only done once or twice …in choosing the tracks, we went with great performances or rare songs, Beau's wraps were always improvised and have never been collected anywhere. Three discs, a lovely cover by Barry Lohman and Julia Williams, a nice ribbon, 25 dollars.

"These songs can suggest the lost fragments of some great, eccentric stage musical written at the revelatory intersection of two seemingly opposing styles. Indeed, by the time O’Reilly and Greenberg are heard offering an impromptu onstage explanation of their unique, mutually autonomous collaborative process, the listener has already intuited their music to be the product of two creative intelligences with very different sensibilities coming productively together." - Ira S. Murfin

"If Queen, Cole Porter, and Elvis Costello teamed up to write a 21st century music hall revue, it might sound a lot like this..." - Justin Hayford

"I found myself imagining some hyper-evolved version of cabaret music in Weimar Germany." - Amy England

[ Beau O'Reilly ] [ Michael Greenberg ] [ Jeff Kowalkowsi ] [ Carrie Biolo ] [ Jeb Bishop ] [ Vernon Tonges ] [ Jim Becker ] [ Damon Short ] [ Matt Heaton ] [ Shannon Heaton ] [ Paul Leisen ] [ Colm O'Reilly ] [ Ned Folkerth ] [ Liz Payne ]
1 Animal Energy 3:07
2 Puppet 4:34
3 Red Shanto 7:37
4 Fall Came to Crowtown 6:08
5 Forward 6:38
6 Grunt of Disappointment 5:12
7 Every Falling Leaf 2:34
8 Halfway Dead 2:13
9 Another Rainy Day 1:37
10 Hideous Hairs 3:40
11 Head Up the Freeway 3:53
12 Song of Joy 4:26
13 'Doppelganger' 2:31
14 Puppet 4:45
15 Life Atonal Symphony 5:44
16 Poison Tree 2:21
17 'If you have nothing to do at 3am' 1:26
18 Forensic Medicine 4:23
19 Andy Was All Right 4:15
20 Thru a Rubber Hose 2:25
21 Blood From a Knot 3:02
22 'Singing small' 0:38
23 The End of Something 3:39
24 Jeanie 5:37
25 Women Wear Their Dresses Out 4:19
26 Habbit is Hunger 3:59
27 Jesus Swallowed PCP 3:36
28 Crawling Towards You 2:57
29 The Ghost of a Prayer of a Chance 3:56
30 'Pickle relish' 2:50
31 Birthday 1:55
32 Sneak in Quick 1:56
33 'Miki and Beau songwriting' 2:54
34 Hole In My Chest 2:25
35 'I'm Kind of a Luddite' :53
36 Private Joke 2:25
37 Cage to BLISS 3:12
38 'Clothes inventory' 1:38
39 O, You're a Dandy 3:24
40 Forwards 6:10
41 Bicycle 4:11
42 'Art without coffee' 4:54
43 Let Me Show You My Hammer 3:35
44 The Wind Never Stops At The Cinema 5:45
45 'Dream father story' 1:36
46 Rats Come Out In The Water 7:02