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Live at Mother Fool's - 8.20.99

Stephanie Rearick

The talented Stephanie Rearick is captured her in live concert. A great set of piano and voice compositions that span classical, cabaret, pop and rock.

Free Will

Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Mr. Taylor's second release. Combines both studio and live tracks to create an intimate recording that truly highlights both his skills as a composer/bandleader and as a top-flight player.

The title track, "Free Will" won "Best Jazz Song 2005" in the Madison Area Music Awards.

Submit Your Unworthy Soul


The debut full-length from the world's most wicked all-female punk metal band. All the rockin' hits that formed a cult, garnished with natural disaster samples and apocalyptic voice-overs.

Missa Canibus (mass of the dogs)

Jack The Dog

"Much of it features spaced out operations of vibraphone, piano, and organ. There is also a series of short recitations and the use of what sounds like taped material. A remarkable track such as "Responsorial," a duet for vibraphone and acoustic piano, creates a really wonderful mood." - All Music Guide

Avant liturgical music for the metadenominational church of the mind. Evokes Tom Waits and Harry Partch... [read more]

Weedstock, Volume 2

Various Artists - Compilations

Recorded at Weedstock 1998.

Features a humurous exchange between Ben Masel and a police officer.


Scott Fields

The music on this double trio project sounds as though it were composed by the bastard child of King Sunny Adò and Ornette Coleman. For most of the compositions, the trios are working in different but interlocking pitch sets and compound time signatures. These structures result in pip-popping little kicks and difficult-to-pin-down harmonies.



Alt-country at its finest. This collection of songs takes an eerie yet comic plunge into the domestic sphere of rural Indiana, profiles midwestern indigenous persons, and wrestles with the age-old plight of heartache in a tavern.


Ritt Deitz

Ritt Deitz's debut recording is "a quiet, sure-handed roots album that stands up to repeated listening." (Isthmus).

Ritt's songs are full of trees, children, liquor, and pie. Big-hearted acoustic folk music.


Ed Anders Quartet

"There's an effervescent swing about WHOLENESS that recalls the Tristano sound of Konitz & Marsh, especially in the quintet sides featuring the twin reed front-line of Svanoe & Abate... The Ed Anders Quartet achieves fresh levels of intensity in performances that confirm how this band continues to grow as a creative unit. Wholeness is highly recommended."
- David Lewis, Cadence Magazine

EAQ... [read more]

Scan 12

Jack The Dog

SCAN TWELVE is the second release by Jack the Dog. Twelve short studio sculptures from a collection of piano and vibraphone duets in which both players also speak/sing, recorded in Chicago between Januray and April 1998.
The overall idea here is to replicate the effect of the SCAN function on typical CD players or radios. In this case the only material is JACK compositions.

"Intentionally or not,... [read more]

Perfect Child

Aaron Scholz

On Christmas Eve 1998, Aaron rode two hours in a cab to his lady's house. It was there in her basement that he fired up the eight-track and began work on a solo album. It was time. Due to the constant unavailability of sober musicians at 4 a.m., he decided to play the instruments himself. In August of the following year, Speakeasy was privileged enough to lay ears upon these recordings. They found them to be some... [read more]

Implied Muse-iks


History: Formed in early '97, MiLkBabY honed its sound scoring plays and dance theatre pieces. Bridging the gap between between man and machine, tribal and techno, dreamscape and earth; MiLkBabY's sound is hard to classify. Their use of fierce percussion, lush synth textures, primal-soaring vocals, and the chemistry of the trio's improvisation create a body/mind experience that is hard to describe but has... [read more]

Guitar + Voice: Volume 1


This is the fourth release for Jindra. It shows him in different light than his previous albums in that it is simply guitar and voice. A true artist, Jindra constantly challenges both himself and his listeners. This CD is raw, intelligent and powerful.

Weedstock, Vol 1

Various Artists - Compilations

Recorded at Weedstock 1997.

Andrando Solo

Andy Ewen

File under: Surreal Acoustic Blues
This is Andy Ewen's first solo CD. Andy Ewen is best known as the fiery electric guitarist and vocalist with Honor Among Thieves, one of Madison, Wisconsin's most respected and longest lived bands. Andrando Solo is his first effort completely on his own, and represents a more intimate, though equally intense side of Ewen's music.

Recorded completely live by Wendy... [read more]

Lizards & Stars

Your Mom SRO

"Lizards & Stars" was released in late 1997. It was recorded by Brian Daly at Optisonic Studios over Labor Day weekend with the exception of track 13, "Tearing and Merging." This track (which is based on the Russell Edson poem, "...the tearing and merging of clouds") was recorded live at Weird Out In The Woods by Studio Earth Remote. It features a special guest performance by pSteve Wessing.

Under The Sun

Various Artists - Compilations

Music of Madison's Outdoor Festivals

During the summer of 1997, Studio Earth Remote Recording spent many hours recording as many performances as possible at Madison's outdoor festivals. After many frantic weeks of mixing and re-mixing and gathering imput from bands, the final selections were made. The result is "Under The Sun" a CD sampler that shows off many of the diverse sounds of Madison's music scene... [read more]

Walk-in Angels

Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Avant-garde saxaphone master, Hanah Jon Taylor checks in with his first studio release.

ah. it's like you're talking and you just can't

Jack The Dog

Contains three major compositions:
-- Excuses (15:11)
-- Eric's Flip (30:18)
-- Spacesuit Annie (20:32)

These are long and dense testaments, in a concept album spirit.

"The twosome composes collaboratively, often using performance art tactics, sometimes incorporating taped audio-verite soundscapes, additional tracks of music, or brash sound collages, and performing brisk unison... [read more]

primordial soup du jour

Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves is one of the hottest psychedelic blues bands. This disc catches them live at the Harmony Bar on Halloween, 1997.

At the Heart of What's Obvious

Elizabeth Schaefer

This CD best captures Schaefer's vocal delivery and which best accents that delivery with lovely background instrumentation. There are 13 songs (all original) debuted on this CD and there's a flow which strangely compliments the diversity of this unique album


Bugattitype 35

This is the one that has everyone's attention... TRACTION picks up where the debut leaves off and it never looks back. From the foot tappin' all out energy of "Trish Dresser", to the intelligent, contemplative, yet explosive "Jimmy", this album has it all.

Live at Mother Fool's

Various Artists - Compilations

This is a great sampler of the Mother Fool's music scene, circa 1996.

"Smack-dab in the middle of an historic and eclectic Madison, WI neighborhood stands Mother Fool's -- a tiny, intimate, smoke-free coffeehouse that is home to some of the city's most creative and refreshing musicians. But because Mother Fool's holds fewer than 100 people, owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick decided to form their own... [read more]

The Vision and a Friend

Honor Among Thieves

Recorded over 3 days at Smart Studios, this album, quite simply, rocks. For rockin blues, it does not get any better than this.


Ed Anders Quartet

Debut release from Madisons' Ed Anders Quartet.

An attractive spirit of low-key adventure permeates this music. Recommended. - David Lewis, Cadence Magazine

Marvelous...the EAQ has a unique, musical jazz approach. - Lennie Niehaus, Composer/Saxophonist

An admirable piece of work, announcing the arrival of a new guitar-sax tag team. - Isthmus Newspaper