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Jiggle The Constable

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The touring version of Maestro Subgum and the Whole bopped around the Midwest and the east coast and points in between (and even across the ocean) as the band continued adding to its extensive original catalog. The 8-song EP, Jiggle The Constable, originally released only on vinyl, is a dance album and a fan pleaser. Updated versions of mid-80s stalwarts ‘Life Outa Wack’ and ‘Misty Mountain’ highlight the set,... [read more]

At The Wart Hog Museum

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The 1993 album At The Warthog Museum was curated by Red Ned. The band had set out to do a live album, and indeed much of it was recorded direct to DAT at The Beat Kitchen and other venues. Some tracks were also done completely in studio (Sedistudio, Monster Disk), and the complete list of engineers and mixers included Spencer Sundell, James Koffee, Ricky Barnes, Jim Janick, John Hughes, Pink Bob, and Red Ned.... [read more]

A Soft Fist In A Hard Place

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

Essentially the soundtrack for one of the first scripted Maestro shows written by Jenny Magnus and Beau O’Reilly, A Soft Fist In A Hard Place features the writers on all the lead vocals with a band lead by pianist Michael Greenberg. Davy, the show’s title song Careening Is A Skill, and Darkness, Darkness are among the most enduring tracks here. Originally released on cassette, it is now available to all a ya’s... [read more]

Don't Flirt

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The last official Maestro Subgum and the Whole release was Don’t Flirt in 1995. The core of the group was still cranking out titles like Dust and Self-Disgust, Eat the Beauty, and Buttocks on the Moon. Much of the recording magic happened at Junior’s Motel, a converted chicken coop on a farm in Otho, Iowa, with additional tracks laid back in Chicago. The songs reflect a sound and an attitude honed by... [read more]

A Diamond In The Dumpster

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

In the late 80s, after years of gigging, personnel changes, and demo tapes, the Chicago-based, Beau O’Reilly-led Maestro finally recorded a cassette designed for sale to the public. Recorded at James Bond’s home studio, the first official Maestro Subgum and the Whole full-length album, A Diamond In The Dumpster, featured songs and players from all over the Maestro history. Musical guests included youthful... [read more]

Live At Juicy John Pink's, Volume One

Various Artists - Compilations

This double CD features live performances from Juicy John Pink's, recorded during 1976 and 1977. One of the premiere acoustic music venues in the Chicago area, it was well known for its enthusiastic, respectful audiences, warm, welcoming atmosphere, and excellent acoustics. The musicians featured here represent a sampling of some of the favorite singer/songwriters from that era.

Kendell Kardt, who... [read more]

Maestro Subgum and the Whole Archive

Maestro Subgum and the Whole

The archive contains concerts and un-released studio sessions. We will continue adding material as long as stuff keeps turning up.

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Stephanie Rearick Jr.

Skin is the first song by Stephanie Rearick Jr. (SR JR). SR JR features Stephanie Rearick on casio and loops. Brand new as of early 2012!

Live at Sinnissippi Park

Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble

Recorded live at Sinnissippi Park in Rockford, Illinois, on July 10, 2010.

Chris Ruppenthal: Acoustic Guitar
Ed Fila: Acoustic Guitar
Randal Harrison: Violin
Kevin Tipple: Acoustic Bass
Jim Huwe: Drums and Percussion

Up The Wall

Stephanie Rearick

Up The Wall, is a return to form, four years in the making after 2007's Democracy. Side A is the political and economic side, side B gets personal. Part rock and roll, part sweeping beauty with some quirky ditties and jazzy piano numbers mixed in, Up The Wall is another remarkably original and fresh offering from Rearick. While primarily original songs, the covers here come from Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone and... [read more]

The Crooked Mouth

The Crooked Mouth

We are to pleased present the debut release by The Crooked Mouth. Beau O'Reilly and Jenny Magnus (Maestro Subgum & The Whole) are joined by Matt Test (accordion, banjo, piano, backup vocals), Troy Martin (guitar, banjo, uke, backup vocals) and Vicki Walden (bass, backup vocals, shaky egg.)

The result is a string band cabaret that is folksy, honest and, at times, brutally beautiful.

Notes on The... [read more]


Ritt Deitz

Ritt's fifth album, POP, is a great collection of songs that show a more rocking/pop side to Deitz' songwriting. The songs pop, funk and slink through classic rock hooks and jams. As is his habit, Ritt invited friends and family members to the recording sessions and clocks in with his most organic feeling disc to date.

Death to Death! and Other Tales of Uneasy Harmony

Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

For the last decade Barry Bennett's been best known as leader of the iconic group MiLkBabY, whose alien world music made them a fixture of Chicago's left of center music scene. He's also a frequent creator of soundscapes and scores for Theatre and dance. His music has been heard at The Goodman, 16th Street Theater, CBDC, Chicago Moving Company, Chicago Dramatists, and with his own improvisational performance... [read more]


Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Creative improvised music by The Hanah Jon Taylor Artet.

An Evening At The Brink Lounge

Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble

Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble has always enjoyed live performance. Their second CD release is an inspired live recording titled "An Evening At The Brink Lounge." It features live versions of American and French jazz standards, Django Reinhardt classics, and original music. The CD was recorded in front of an intimate crowd of friends, family, and fans at Madison, WI's The Brink Lounge.


... [read more]

Tour Shirt 09

Stephanie Rearick

Pick up a Stephanie Rearick "Back Together Again Tour 09" shirt. These are available in Black only and in the following sizes: In women's M, L and XL. Sorry, mens are sold out.

Mumbled Speech

Katie Todd

This is Katie Todd's 3rd studio CD. It features a wide array of instrumentation - piano, guitar, horns, strings and extra vocals.

Katie's music has always had a maturity beyond her years, with a voice that has seen the world. Mumbled Speech combines that with a sense of playfulness that comes across as an artist grown comfortable with herself - as a musician, writer and producer.

Residing solidly... [read more]

When The River Meets The Sea

Rose Polenzani

Rose Polenzani with Session Americana

One of our favorite artists, Rose Polenzani, clocks in with a great set of tunes recorded with Boston's Session American. The whole thing has a nice laid back feel with mandolin, harmonica, accordion and, of course, Rose's lovely voice and beautiful song writing.

Songs From Shows (Dimwit Mandatory Observations of An Orchestrated Catastrophe)

Jenny Magnus

Jenny Magnus, described by the Chicago Tribune as "Everything a performance artist should be: subversive, personal, stimulating, a little scary and simply amazing," is a Chicago-based performer, writer, director, producer and teacher.

Songs From Shows is a collection of 23 songs written over quite a few years, but used in performances and plays in the last 8 years or so. All the songs were used in ways... [read more]

Nap of Earth

Jack Sayre

Progressive and funky, this CD brings to mind both King Crimson and Mrs. Fun. The beats are strong and the composition propels the music forward.

Jack Sayre wrote all the music and brought in some of the area's best musicians to bring it to life. Recorded at his home studio in Madison, WI, Nap of Earth sounds much bigger than its humble origins.


Ritt Deitz

Ritt Deitz releases his fifth full-length CD of original and traditional songs, Upstream, on Uvulittle Records. Ritt spent the winter in the studio with longtime collaborators bassist Joe Meisel and guitarist / dobro player Craig Totten, sons Wilder (piano, percussion) and Mitch (percussion) and hammered dulcimer player Dave Foss. Singer-songwriter Sara Pace guests on backing vocals on four songs, including a... [read more]

The Four-Wheel Drive EP

The Lonelyhearts

Limited edition hand-assembled package; limited to quantity of 50.

We have 4 of these beauties. Nice package and some great new songs from The Lonelyhearts. Great for collectors or new fans. The sound is similar to Dispatch but takes on a density that drives the disc forward. As always, the songs are propelled by their unique vocals and intelligent lyrics.


Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble

This is the first studio CD by Madison, Wisconsin's authentic gypsy swing band. The recording features an expanded band lineup and includes original music, arrangements of Django Reinhardt classics, jazz standards, and Latin tunes.

Getting Old

Jim Schwall

Jim Schwall's 2007 CD "Getting Old" features Jim performing solo, singing and playing acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars, recorded live in venues in or near Madison WI. There is one traditional song, one song of unknown origin and three songs by other songwriters: Bill Morrissey, David Olney and Ed Haynes. The rest of the 14 tracks are Jim's originals. About half the tunes are in some of the styles of traditional... [read more]


Democracy, Rearick's fourth solo CD, is dark piano-driven experimental pop music. It is her most political work to date -- fiercely critical while shining rays of hope into the rubble of 21st century scorched-earth politics. Democracy was recorded and produced by Rearick (piano, vocals and trumpet) with assistance from Edward Reardon (Coma Savant producer) and Jon Hain.

"You hear intimate confessions that... [read more]