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May 3, 2007
Uvulittle Records
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Prog-ambient-tribal-rock music.

The latest release from MiLkBabY slices and dices the world of progressive and groove-oriented electronica into slivers of Bjork-laden psychedelica a la key lime pie era Social Distortion.

"...the music of Chicago's Milkbaby is nearly impossible to quantify. The duo of Barry Bennett and Darren Shepherd engage in a bizarre blur of electronics, percussion, brass, keyboards and guitars to create an odd record filled with both ambience and dissonance. ...it's clear Milkbaby possesses an uncanny ability to cast a sonic spell and hypnotize listeners. Each of these seven songs is utterly distinct. As a reference point, think King Crimson meets Dead Can Dance. But the best track, "Father's Son," borrows respectfully from early Peter Gabriel." --- Progression Magazine

[ Tracee Westmoreland ] [ Sophie Senard ] [ Hannah Doris ] [ David Lee Smith ] [ Darren Shepherd ] [ Dan Nicholson ] [ Barry Bennett ]


1 up on the television 6:51
2 bored 9:11
3 sneaky stevie 5:20
4 radiation flowing 9:11
5 our autumnal fire 5:43
6 more than i am 11:03
7 tell the moon 7:31
8 greater than two 12:00

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