Death to Death! and Other Tales of Uneasy Harmony

Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

Death to Death! and Other Tale...

Grape Juice Plus / Barry Bennett

November 16, 2010
Uvulittle Records

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For the last decade Barry Bennett's been best known as leader of the iconic group MiLkBabY, whose alien world music made them a fixture of Chicago's left of center music scene. He's also a frequent creator of soundscapes and scores for Theatre and dance. His music has been heard at The Goodman, 16th Street Theater, CBDC, Chicago Moving Company, Chicago Dramatists, and with his own improvisational performance group The Impending Behavior Orchestra. Through it all, Bennett's music has been strange, exciting, fierce, and hypnotizing with "fiendish percussion chops and otherworldly vocalese. (Chicago Reader)"

Bennett has now decided to go it alone and is releasing his first solo CD, Death to Death! and Other Tales of Uneasy Harmony.

Why a solo album, now? This sends Bennett rolling a bit when asked directly. "I struggled with that actually, when I first realized I was making an album and not creating random pieces of music."

This is certainly not 'random pieces of music.'

Death to Death incorporates some of the ambient tribal feel of MiLkBabY and adds more song structure giving us melodies that churn through our minds, turning and folding and eventually informing our dreams. Bells, chimes, haunting piano lines, occasional Bride of Chucky vocals, some heartache, some profound beauty...

Death to Death is an exceptional work which we are proud to help bring to the world.

For fans of Dead Can Dance, Nurse with Wound and Peter Gabriel

[ Barry Bennett ]
1 my fellow americanz 00:18
2 Death to Death! (manifesto) 02:51
3 Death to Death! (pilgrimage) 07:25
4 Death to Death! (mantra) 06:19
5 Mr. Ibis' Raft 05:19
6 you fall, stand up 10:15
7 end of the tour 02:18
8 Narcoleptic 07:03