Live At Juicy John Pink's, Volume One

Various Artists - Compilations

Live At Juicy John Pink's...

Various Artists - Compilations

November 27, 2012

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This double CD features live performances from Juicy John Pink's, recorded during 1976 and 1977. One of the premiere acoustic music venues in the Chicago area, it was well known for its enthusiastic, respectful audiences, warm, welcoming atmosphere, and excellent acoustics. The musicians featured here represent a sampling of some of the favorite singer/songwriters from that era.

Kendell Kardt, who composed many of the most beloved songs in Jim Post's repertoire, writes and sings about the search for love and redemption, both human and divine. His work is the expression of a passionate, questing spirit.

Sam Leopold was one of the most unusual and original performers in Chicago, with his powerful delivery, great guitar work, and quirky, inventive lyrics.

Michael Smith is an extraordinarily poetic and literate songwriter. The combination of his gorgeous melodies, jazzy, intricate guitar playing, and deeply thoughtful and beautifully crafted lyrics is thrilling. His wife, Barbara, a lyrical singer with a haunting voice, interprets his material with exquisite skill, and their harmonies are breathtaking.

David Gross's high-lonesome, soaring, yodeling tenor and beautiful songwriting perfectly express the pain of unrequited love, loss and longing.

Court Dorsey is a multi instrumental wonder, a political activist, and a brilliant social commentator. He is an entertaining performer and his songs are wryly funny while delivering a powerful message.

Jim Brewer was a traditional bluesman from the Mississippi Delta region known for his rough edged, electrifying guitar playing and singing. He joined the heavenly choir in 1988.

Who in DeKalb did not know, and love, David Williams and Michael O'Connell? They were, and continue to be, masters of the flat pick on guitar and mandolin. David's songs are rooted in the Midwest, conjuring images of corn and wheat, a red barn in a green field, freight trains, and rocking on the porch of a summer's evening, watching the fireflies.

The Long Lost Rainbow Band features two exceptional singer/songwriters: John Scott Sherrill, who has so far written eleven number one country hits, and Pebe Sebert, who cowrote "Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You," which was recorded by many artists, including Dolly Parton. Pebe is also the mother of pop star Ke$ha, and co-wrote five songs on Ke$ha'a new album WARRIOR. They came to visit us from Tennessee one magical September weekend, enchanting us with their gorgeous songs and stunning harmonies. We had a hard time deciding what to include here since everything they recorded that weekend was so beautiful.

[ Wade McCurdy ] [ Sam Leopold ] [ Pebe Sebert ] [ Michael Smith ] [ Michael O'Connell ] [ Kendell Kardt ] [ John Scott Sherrill ] [ Joe Loftis ] [ Jim Brewer ] [ David Williams ] [ David Gross ] [ Court Dorsey ] [ Barbara Smith ]
1 Three Steps - Kendell Kardt 7:58
2 How Could I Ever Leave You - Kendell Kardt 6:15
3 Sgt. Barkley & Little Tim - Kendell Kardt 5:12
4 Made in Chicago - Kendell Kardt 2:23
5 How Great We Are! - Sam Leopold 4:39
6 Pigeon Shit and Feathers - Sam Leopold 5:08
7 Short Changed - Sam Leopold 3:59
8 The Concubine of Aqaba - Sam Leopold 4:14
9 The Ballad of Dan Moody - Michael Smith & Barbara Smith 7:42
10 Car on Fire - Michael Smith & Barbara Smith 3:25
11 Honey to the Hive - Michael Smith & Barbara Smith 7:56
12 Spoon River - Michael Smith & Barbara Smith 5:05
13 Riga’s Lake - David Gross 4:36
14 All Things in Good Time - David Gross 2:32
15 Wordless Love Song - David Gross 2.21
16 In Every Ending - David Gross 3:30
17 Talkin' No Nukes Blues - Court Dorsey 9:48
18 Long Tall Texan - Court Dorsey 9:59
19 Junkie Blues - Court Dorsey 3:53
20 Revolution In New Hampshire - Court Dorsey 8:03
21 Smokestack Lightning - Jim Brewer 2:42
22 I'll Fly Away - Jim Brewer 3:55
23 Too Fat Boogie - Jim Brewer 4:19
24 Poor Kelly - Jim Brewer 4:11
25 Uncle Jack - David Williams And Michael O'Connell 3:59
26 You'll Never Know What'll Happen - David Williams And Michael O'Connell 3:05
27 Saskatchawan - David Williams And Michael O'Connell 3:44
28 Nuclear Power Blues - David Williams And Michael O'Connell 4:51
29 What Is This Love - Long Lost Rainbow Band 4:39
30 Turn Back The Pages - Long Lost Rainbow Band 3:23
31 Call Me A Taxi - Long Lost Rainbow Band 2:42
32 New England - Long Lost Rainbow Band 6:10