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Prog-ambient-tribal-rock music.

The latest release from MiLkBabY slices and dices the world of progressive and groove-oriented electronica into slivers of Bjork-laden psychedelica a la key lime pie era Social Distortion.

"...the music of Chicago's Milkbaby is nearly impossible to quantify. The duo of Barry Bennett and Darren Shepherd engage in a bizarre blur of electronics, percussion, brass,... [read more]

Collected (1999-2000)

Ritt Deitz

Collected (1999-2000)
Since STAY is now out of print and HILLBILLY will soon be, Ritt has put together a collection of favorites from his first 2 albums for Uvulittle Records. Included is a new single, "Shake," on which Deitz plays all the instruments.

In addition to Deitz on acoustic guitar and vocals, a wide cast of players including Steve Burke, Joe... [read more]

Carrot Carrot

db pedersen

This is the first full-length studio album from vocal artist, db pedersen.


The Lonelyhearts

Two guys - Andre Perry (vox, keyboards) and John Lindenbaum (vox,guitar). Using a 12-string acoustic guitar and a couple of synthesizers, the duo blends angsty folk-rock lyrics with spacey keyboard textures. Their sound certainly recalls the acoustic stylings of Neutral Milk Hotel and the Mountain Goats as well as the synth-rock of Grandaddy and Earlimart.

"Hand-stitched with minimal percussion, a couple... [read more]

Ridin' With Chuck

The Midwesterners

The Midwesterners have pulled out all the stops on this one, 12 songs of dancin', drivin', and backyard barbequein' music that's a party from beginning to end!

Call it "Americana" if you need to put a handle on the music, because the songs are certainly steeped in American musical traditions. The Midwesterners have earned a reputation for rollicking, twangy performances, but on this latest album, they pull... [read more]


Geoffrey Brady

"'s Geoffrey's vibraphone playing that impresses most and takes center stage here. While the vibes can sound tinny and bland in less skilled hands, Geoffrey coaxes rich, shimmering, expressive, and complex tones from his instrument — whether in dreamy, mysterious meditations such as "Dollars to Doinas" and "Re-Designed for Further Suffering" or playing restless, angular tunes like "Fly, Giant Robot, Fly!"... [read more]

Company Town

Painted Saints

"spaghetti western slavic mope chamber folk"

Tin can and twine romances in a color of rust with backdrops of long wind swept open roads framed by tangled barbed wire and naked telephone poles. The songs are of ashtray broken hearts and lansdscapes of beauty and sorrow borrowing harmonies from old eastern europe, the desert southwest and the sentiments of working class rust belt americana.

After The Mountains

Ritt Deitz

AFTER THE MOUNTAINS is Ritt's latest batch of beautiful, straight-ahead songs.

This is solid acoustic roots rock.

The songs move seamlessly from single, lingering melodies to the train-like stomp riffs that fans know from Ritt's vibrant live shows. Like this Kentuckian when he's on stage, Ritt's recordings are the fruit of years of playing - traditional music and rock and roll, in band after band,... [read more]


Makeshift Ego

"Singer-guitarist Kari sets the tone with a weathered, raspy trill focused in the same way as Chan Marshall's is in Cat Power. But bleak images cry out for hope through Shane's fluid guitar melodies, and it all turns out to be quite wonderfully heart-wrenching and beautifully melancholy." The Onion

"The recording is noteworthy for the rich sound the duo achieve by weaving together two beautifully played... [read more]

I'm Antsy

Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box

Expedient Live Recordings 2001 volume 2.

Recorded directly to two track digital on the Optical Approximator Mobile(1).

Hand printed cover in vinyl sleeve. Limited to 100 numbered copies.

Make Some Time For Wasting

Katie Todd

Brilliant vocals and production. This is vibrant, uplifting music. Katie's voice and songwriting are at the forefront. Her piano playing is simple but melodically powerful. The band keeps the energy simmering throughout. All in all, a great followup to Changing Faces.

This is a 'must have' for fans of great sounding pop music.


Sara Pace

Sara Pace spend the last three years working on Simpatico - her second release - and it was time well spent. Featuring a host of local players this disc hits home with direct, from the heart, songwriter and lovely production.

This is solid Americana with just enough twang to pull at the heartstrings.

"Even without considering the instrumentation, Simpatico would score highly on the vocal strength... [read more]

Ghosts of Yesterday

Bob Manor

Acoustic Rock with folk and country flavors thrown in for good measure.

Ghosts of Yesterday features original songs that explore life, love, restlessness, defiance, disillusionment and hope in the backdrop of the American heartland. The music is acoustically driven, featuring mandolin, acoustic guitar, drums, bass and piano.

One can hear influences of rock, country, gospel and folk. The writing... [read more]


Jerry Alexander

Jerry Alexander's "Radiator" is bare bones brilliant.

This is a supurb recording of a live in the studio performance. There are drums, cymbols, guitar, harmonica and vocals but there is only Jerry. There are no overdubs. In this simple context, the connection between artist and listener is wonderfully direct.

Voted "Best Blues Album 2005" in the Madison Area Music Awards.

No Camouflage Anti-War CD

Various Artists - Compilations

No Camouflage is a powerful anti-war cry by many of Madison's top artists. Spearheaded by Wendy Bugatti of Coney Island studio, No Camouflage features original new recordings of an astounding array of music and spoken word pieces, plus US soldier testimonials directly from Iraq. The release of this CD is an event that has brought together Madison artists, members of local peace organizations and political leaders... [read more]


Josh Cole

Hypocriticool is a brilliant and never-predictable collection of songs that invites you to chill on a proverbial futon of sound offering a generous portion of beautiful, melodic imagery that tests your imagination and makes you want to crash Josh Cole's house party every night.

"While working on my brother's farm, I realized the industries of agriculture and music are the same in that they've grown too big... [read more]

Star Belly

Stephanie Rearick

"Rearick's a genre-bounding vocalist, keyboard player and trumpeter who takes great care bringing together things indie with her classical and art-music influences." - The Isthmus

Stephanie Rearick has been performing and recording since 1993, as frontwoman for Your Mom, Your Mom SRO, and the Coma Savants, occasional side-musician, silent film composer and accompanist, and solo artist.

"Star Belly... [read more]

When The World Runs Fast (dvd)

Honor Among Thieves

WHEN THE WORLD RUNS FAST asks the question: What is success?

About When the World Runs Fast:

Must it mean fame and fortune? Does it always lead to selling one's soul? You've heard the stories of rockbands making it big while giving up family and friends along the way; is that the only path to the top? Or can successful musicians be happy in a small pond, as a creative, viable force in their... [read more]

Had A Burning


"Taking a more pronounced detour away from the stronger country influences of their debut and moving towards an eclectic indie rock approach, Noahjohn manages to recast both in a startlingly original sound... gloriously unpredictable and occasionally disturbing, Johns toys with the listener, drawing intricately surreal sketches, but pulling them back just before he reveals too much. Equally haunted, Eena Ballard'... [read more]


Elizabeth Schaefer

Elizabeth Schaefer's newest CD "Moodswing" is a step towards rock-cabaret.

10 songs are featured on this CD including "Windstorm" which tells a story about a person addicted to violent storms, "Storm Before Sweden" a love ballad about a couple traveling from Denmark to Sweden and "Singing In A Hotel" a song about a lonely cabaret singer who performs weekly in a hotel awaiting a lover who never appears.... [read more]


Erica Mather Trio

The Erica MAther Trio's Borderlands is a CD with something for everyone. Styles range from stright-ahead swing to funk to latin to pure art chamber music. Of the disc Mather says, "it is a survey of influences which have manifested themselves in these nine compositions. Emotional sources for the compositions came from many places such as intriguing characters in books (Barbara Kingsolver's Adah), and capturing... [read more]


Rose Polenzani

Polenzani calls this CD, "A collection of intimate, misfit home recordings."

In fact, it is her strongest work to date.

Her voice is front and center where it belongs. The instrumentation always complements the song, as opposed to becoming it. Her writing is dead-on in both economy and mysticism. She manages to always sound like she is imparting knowledge.. perhaps she is. From quiet, meditative... [read more]

Live @ Mother Fool's

Nob Hill Boys

Recorded live over two nights at Mother Fool's in Madison, Wisconsin. The recording gives a nice representation of the Nob Hill Boys live shows with a mixture of traditional tunes, originals, instrumentals and gospel quartets.
This high energy set shows off the great playing and lovely harmonies that have earned The Nob Hill Boys a huge and passionate fan base.

greeting from the north mission


MiLkBabY returns to the studio with their new line-up to record an amazing new disc. Features Barry Bennett (acoustic and electronic percussion, vocal, keyboard, knobs-n-wires) and Darren Shepherd (electric guitar.) The songs range from quietly meditative to seriously funky and freaky. A must for improv lovers and for those looking for something a little of the beaten path. Full of great musicianship, driving... [read more]

Someday, Sometime, Somehow

Nob Hill Boys

"...pretty much cements
the Boys' reputation as
one of the region's top
bluegrass outfits."
- Wisconsin State Journal

This second release from the NHB came out in 2001 and featured the band as a five-piece unit with the addition of fiddler Paul Kienitz. Three of the Boys contributed original material to this project as well as some unique material from Kilby Snow, Red Sovine and... [read more]