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Klez, Kez, Goy mit Fez

Yid Vicious

" with the electricity of real life", says Isthmus

Klezmer, klezmer, klezmer!! This 7 piece traditional klezmer band adds just a hint of rock to create a party disc of unknown proportions.

Blurred and Somewhat Indistinct

Matt Moran

Matt Moran is a percussionist in New York City who graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music and has worked in a number of interesting groups, including William Parker's big band. Good solid album with focused ensemble work and intense solos.

The Spirit of Spotty

Elizabeth Schaefer

The Spirit Of Spotty is Elizabeth's 2nd CD. Released in 1996, it features her full band.

Smart and sassy, alternative and quirky rock and roll.


Matt Turner

This collection of improvisations for unaccompanied cello and piano is always striking, sometimes stark, sometimes lush, and sometimes grating. Highly recommended


Scott Fields

The first and last compositions on Fugu were written for choreographer and dancer Li Chiao-Ping, although they have not yet been performed as dances. All but one of the pieces use varying compound time signatures and all are based on Stephen Dembski's post-serial tonal organization system. In fact, this is the most cohesive representation of that system as an nside the changes alternative to traditional jazz... [read more]

Royal Jelly

Your Mom SRO

The first studio release by this eclectic and odd rock/cabaret ensemble. Loose and shambly with a feel similar to the Velvet Underground, Stephanie Rearick and friends conjure up a wild ride.

This Theater Was Razed

Elizabeth Schaefer

This Theater Was Razed is Schaefer's debut CD featuring an eclectic variety of popular Madison area musicians. The songs are undeniably theatrical and range from folk to blues. The songs are colorful if at the same time decadent in themes; including songs pertaining to ghosts in the moviehouse and muderous brothers locked up in the smokehouse.

Running With Scissors

Scott Fields

Great performances of compositions influenced by a combination of methodical explorations of the history of Western tonal systems with an undercurrent of post-modernism.

Four Songs (EP)

Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves clock in with four high-energy cuts on this 1993 EP.

The Midwesterners

The Midwesterners

What do you think of when you think of the Midwest, Wisconsin in particular. Cheese? Frozen tundra? Cornfields? The heartland? Small towns? All these everyday elements go into the songs of The Midwesterners. From the honky tonk story in Dark Tavern Blues, to the resurgence of hope in The Winter of 96', to the joy of rock and roll in Unsafe At Any Speed and Guitar Problem. Everyday life, salt of the earth... [read more]

United Mind Workers

Honor Among Thieves

This is a CDr of the original 1990 Honor Among Thieves release, United Mind Workers. The packaging is minimal - just a jewel case with no cover art. It contains all the songs from the original release.

When The World Runs Fast

Honor Among Thieves

This is a CDr of the original 1987 Honor Among Thieves release, When The World Runs Fast. The packaging is minimal - just a jewel case with no cover art. It contains all the songs from the original vinyl release.