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The Coma Savants

This is a one-of-a-kind collectors' item. We only made 250 copies and they are all numbered. Also, each one has different artwork inside. The packaging is a cloth pouch that is made from the long streamers used in The Eating Machine video so what you get may not quite look like the one pictured here.

This is an enhanced CD -- it will play in your stereo and if you pop it in a computer you can access the... [read more]

Out of the Blue

Richard Wiegel

Combining several genres of music, from rock to ragtime, blues to jug band music, jazz to rockabilly, Richard blends them seamlessly into an entertaining album. Taking a cue from Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, and Mississippi John Hurt, Richard plays in the finger-picking style pioneered by these greats. And now his new CD, "Out of the Blue", pays tribute to these men. It's a collection of some of the greatest songs of... [read more]

The Bucket Rider

Stephanie Rearick

From soothing instrumentals to ethereal pop to dark ditties to witty excursions, Rearick delivers a cornucopia of aural moods, all via her upright piano and occasionally her trumpet. -- Goldmine

Don't waste time trying to categorize what you hear on Stephanie Rearick's latest release, The Bucket Rider. Enjoy her lyrics and her expertise on the ivories for the journey it takes you between the dynamic... [read more]

Pleasure Isle

Ritt Deitz

Ritt Deitz's third CD, PLEASURE ISLE, is a story of pools, sex, trains, rivers, dogs, barges, babies, Moses, small hands, and softball.

Madison's Isthmus calls the release, "well-wrought folk-rock" from a weathered band of old friends, players Ritt has long shared stages and studios with.

Rhythm writes that "Deitz has one of those voices that rings with authenticity..."

This album is... [read more]

Sharp Steel Pinafore

Amelia Royko

"Sharp Steel Pinafore is an unbridled joy - proof that she is among this city's best and most unappreciated musical treasures." - Isthmus

"she can sing sweet and soft or crank it out, the tunes ranging in style from folky ballads to indie flavoured rockers... she is attracting a real following of devoted fans... she has got a great band and people are starting to notice." - Ricks Cafe

Country Blues

Nob Hill Boys

"Country Blues" is the first recording by the Nob Hill Boys. Released in 1999, it features the original lineup of the band as a quartet. Len Springer appears as guest fiddler on a number of cuts. The CD has a nice mixture of standards, originals and a few tunes featuring John Fabke's clawhammer banjo playing.

"If you thrill to acoustic
American music that
cuts close to the bone, you
want... [read more]

Pretty Little Town

The Midwesterners

"Pretty Little Town" is the second CD by The Midwesterners on Darlingtone Records.

Located in the 'frozen tundra' of Madison, Wisconsin, and spearheaded by Richard Wiegel, who plays guitar and writes the songs, the CD runs the gamut from rock to twang to rockabilly and all points in between.

Comprised of guitar, standup bass, drums and steel guitar, the CD reflects stellar production values and... [read more]

Hello, my name is


Pascal was on the very first CD that Uvulittle released, 1996's Live at Mother Fool's so we are extremely excited to be releasing his debut CD. The sound is raw and beautiful -- acoustic punk ballads.

The Nashville Rage says, "...sounds something like Will Oldham and Beck drunk on Robitussin (in other words, dark, weird, creepy and really cool.)"

Sea of Tranquility says, "Take Violent Femmes... [read more]

Coma Savant

The Coma Savants

"This band's debut release is simply delightful. Pianist and vocalist Stephanie Rearick establishes that she is no slouch with the opening track, the band's theme song. Her performance invites comparisons to Nina Simone, a situation that most players would subsequently exploit at great length… the electric guitar madness of Jon Hain will appeal to anyone who enjoys new twisted takes on psychedelia. There is also... [read more]

Changing Faces

Katie Todd

Katie Todd's debut album.

Katie Todd sets out to impress with a set of smoldering piano based rock songs anchored by her unique voice and powerful lyrics.

How can you go wrong with and album that opens with, "To deviate from the social standard..."

Any Road

Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box

Exploring the far reaches of jazz and improvisation. From the super-modern to the whimsical - a feast for the ears. Saxophone, clarinet, marimba, theremin, bass, drums, electronics and unusual percussion instruments.

Tomato Box is a contemporary jazz band that prompts nods to the fluidity of jazz forms past and present, while at the same time ushering in a vital styling of post-jazz -- one... [read more]

Bitches and Machines

Pablo Jones

There's huge lots mucho good to say about "Bitches and Machines," the dynamite sophomore effort from Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Pablo. Pegged by some as a "Folk artist with a post-punk sensibility," I prefer to describe Pablo as "Some guy with a guitar who, lyrically and experimentally, makes the rest of the CD's currently in my CD player sound like shit. And I don't listen to shit." This CD grabbed my... [read more]


Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box

Under the assumption that music exists beyond assumptions, Tomato Box has been thrilling and perplexing audiences since 1999. With its signature combination of marimba, drums, saxophone, and upright bass, the band puts a unique spin onto its repertoire of original compositions and free improvisations.
Brenneis's colorful compositions have some of the same angular bite as Ken Vandermark's writing,...... [read more]

Activity for the Active

Active Percussion Duo

Wildly creative!

Michael Brenneis & Geoff Brady present a suite of compositions and improvisations for percussion duet.

The duo perform on a multitude of instruments, including: marimbas, drum kits, prepared drum kit, vessels, pipes, tongue drum, sheet metal, plastics, pans, bells, keg, lids, crank arms, tubes, metal stock, sprocket, cutlery.

Recorded directly to two track digital on the... [read more]

Seven Good Years

Prague 24

This lively, traditional klezmer album is expertly played and really shows off this excellent seven piece band -- both as musicians and as tasteful arrangers. The disc has a beautifully haunting quality and certainly belongs in every klezmer fan's CD collection.

The Long Picnic

Stephanie Rearick

The Long Picnic was recorded in Madison and Chicago using acoustic piano and (sometimes layered) vocals to create a 10-song journey that is by simultaneously engaging, disturbing, and soothing.

"[Rearick] has sharper instrumental skills than most... she's not afraid to shut up and play an instrumental. The Man Who Stole Tomorrow is almost too lovely -- but her writing also displays a grim loopiness she'd... [read more]

sTRangE JuKeBoX: Live at Mother Fool's


Great live set by Chicago's masters of Organic Tribal Trance, MiLkBabY. Recorded June 22, 2001 at Mother Fool's in Madison, this disc shows MiLkBabY at their most extreme. Ranges from cool-breeze melodic trance to full-force beat-driven freakouts. Yes, this is MiLkBabY LIVE!!


Ivan Klipstein

Where do even start in trying to describe Ivan Klipstein? The very notion of genre-jumping seems too tame to even begin to talk about Ivan or his new CD, "Lifestyle." It has elements of rock, pop, Brit-rock, rap, gospel, and just about every other musical form of the last 50 years. And, the amazing thing is the grace and excellence that he brings to this highly polished and fully realized project. The CD flows... [read more]

Brick by Brick

Michael Brenneis' Tomato Box

Expedient live recodings 2001 volume 1

Recorded directly to two track digital on the Optical Approximator Mobile(1).

Hand printed cover in vinyl sleeve. Limited to 100 numbered copies. (colors may vary)

Lover's Dance

Bob Westfall

First CD by the talented acoustic folk singer, songwriter Bob Westfall.


Ritt Deitz

"Stay, his second release, is full of gritty, intelligent folk with songs that are, by turns, sweet, gentle, and smoldering. Dietz's warm baritone and confident songwriting are a perfect match, like a welcome campfire on a chilly fall night." -- The Riverside

Features HILLBILLY veterans Joe Meisel and Steve Burke, with guest appearances by harper Turner Collins and Reptile Palace Orchestra violinist Biff... [read more]

The Blue God

Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves guitarist Andy Ewen and cartoonist P.S. Mueller wrote a bunch of songs. Honor Among Thieves, liked them. So Andy, along with bassist Doug DeRosa, drummer Joey B. Banks, violinist Randy Hoecherl and Mueller got together with Steve Gotcher at Audio for the Arts and recorded The Blue God. It's really good. Everyone is very happy with it.
Though there are a couple of words and phrases on The... [read more]

In A Heartbeat

Bob Westfall

Second CD by the talented acoustic folk singer-songwriter Bob Westfall.



This set of organic tribal trance work-outs is sure to impress both the experimenters and the ravers, as MiLkBabY seems to have a foot firmly in both schools. Primal, lush, evocative, and hypnotic, hUmaN was recorded without any over-dubs and serves as a great representation of the brillance of this Chicago Trio.

of wreckage and therapy


It is a concept album. It is a soundtrack.
The first section is plainly the wreckage and the second is the therapy. No happy endings, only an acceptance of the past as a memory and nothing more. This album has no lyrics aside from a monologue during the second section.
The film was designed for three screens looping separate edits of the accident footage. By the way, the footage was of the artist (Ann... [read more]