Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick

Stephanie Rearick is a solo artist from Madison Wisconsin. She also plays drums and shares vocal duties in the guitar-pop band Ladyscissors. Previous bands include Your Mom SRO and The Coma Savants.

"Amanda Palmer gone psychedelic and retro -- one of the rawest, most original aesthetics we've heard in awhile." -- Keyboard Magazine

Rearick has issued 7 full-length solo releases plus recordings with Your Mom, Your Mom SRO and The Coma Savants, along with side work with musicians such as Eugene Chadbourne and The Crest.

Rearick's work is sometimes dark piano-based classical/cabaret/pop. In addition to piano, Rearick sings, plays trumpet, and builds pieces with various sound sources live on a Boss Loopstation. Lately Rearick has added Stephanie Rearick Jr. to her roster of musical acts, playing on Casio, loops, vox, trumpets, some beats... Meatier, beatier, bigger and bouncier Rearick. 2013's

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Music for the times

April 3, 2016 - In Stock
Stephanie Rearick picked a handful of her albums that thematically go together. We're offering it as a variable price digital download. Pay any amount from $1 - $1,000,000. summary: music of mine that's feeling particularly relevant at the moment, considering the state of the world (both good and bad) [more info] Coma Savant Up The Wall Dreamworld every thing everything "Get Coma Savant,... [read more]

every thing everything

April 19, 2015 - In Stock
A return to form. The piano, trumpet and vocals are front and center with the occasional foray into casio and loops. Combining her classically-tinged piano tendencies with her love of looping Casio beats, trumpets and voice, Rearick exudes confidence and creates a universe of music all her own. Her soundscape is rich. Cheery, creepy, lush, beautiful and very dreamlike. A gorgeous sorrow. A... [read more]


April 20, 2013 - In Stock
Stephanie Rearick Jr. - on casio, voice, loops and trumpet. Stephanie Rearick takes her classical/cabaret/pop in a beatier, bouncier direction. "Like her previous work, Dreamworld presents colliding genre influences, eclectic covers, and whimsical notions. The difference is that Rearick sticks mostly to voice and cheap keyboards. She revels in the latter's goofy vibrato and tinny percussion... [read more]

Up The Wall

September 20, 2011 - In Stock
Up The Wall, is a return to form, four years in the making after 2007's Democracy. Side A is the political and economic side, side B gets personal. Part rock and roll, part sweeping beauty with some quirky ditties and jazzy piano numbers mixed in, Up The Wall is another remarkably original and fresh offering from Rearick. While primarily original songs, the covers here come from Dusty Springfield... [read more]

Tour Shirt 09

December 2, 2009 - In Stock
Pick up a Stephanie Rearick "Back Together Again Tour 09" shirt. These are available in Black only and in the following sizes: In women's M, L and XL. Sorry, mens are sold out.


May 7, 2007 - In Stock
Democracy, Rearick's fourth solo CD, is dark piano-driven experimental pop music. It is her most political work to date -- fiercely critical while shining rays of hope into the rubble of 21st century scorched-earth politics. Democracy was recorded and produced by Rearick (piano, vocals and trumpet) with assistance from Edward Reardon (Coma Savant producer) and Jon Hain. "You hear intimate... [read more]

Star Belly

April 11, 2005 - In Stock
"Rearick's a genre-bounding vocalist, keyboard player and trumpeter who takes great care bringing together things indie with her classical and art-music influences." - The Isthmus Stephanie Rearick has been performing and recording since 1993, as frontwoman for Your Mom, Your Mom SRO, and the Coma Savants, occasional side-musician, silent film composer and accompanist, and solo artist. "Star... [read more]

The Bucket Rider

June 18, 2003 - In Stock
From soothing instrumentals to ethereal pop to dark ditties to witty excursions, Rearick delivers a cornucopia of aural moods, all via her upright piano and occasionally her trumpet. -- Goldmine Don't waste time trying to categorize what you hear on Stephanie Rearick's latest release, The Bucket Rider. Enjoy her lyrics and her expertise on the ivories for the journey it takes you between the... [read more]

The Long Picnic

September 11, 2001 - In Stock
The Long Picnic was recorded in Madison and Chicago using acoustic piano and (sometimes layered) vocals to create a 10-song journey that is by simultaneously engaging, disturbing, and soothing. "[Rearick] has sharper instrumental skills than most... she's not afraid to shut up and play an instrumental. The Man Who Stole Tomorrow is almost too lovely -- but her writing also displays a grim... [read more]

Live at Mother Fool's - 8.20.99

November 20, 1999 - In Stock
The talented Stephanie Rearick is captured her in live concert. A great set of piano and voice compositions that span classical, cabaret, pop and rock.