Elizabeth Schaefer

Elizabeth Schaefer

Singer and songwriter Elizabeth Schaefer is a talented and unique performer. Born in Waukegan, Illinois in '74 and presently a resident and active member of the music scene in Madison, Wisconsin, Schaefer has performed from Copenhagen to London to Greenwich Village to New Orleans to Chicago. In 1997 she won two Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) awards -- one for female vocalist of the year and one for best alternative band. She also won a WAMI for 'Alternative artist' in 1998 and 1999.



November 21, 2004 - In Stock
Elizabeth Schaefer's newest CD "Moodswing" is a step towards rock-cabaret. 10 songs are featured on this CD including "Windstorm" which tells a story about a person addicted to violent storms, "Storm Before Sweden" a love ballad about a couple traveling from Denmark to Sweden and "Singing In A Hotel" a song about a lonely cabaret singer who performs weekly in a hotel awaiting a lover who never... [read more]

At the Heart of What's Obvious

September 29, 1997 - In Stock
This CD best captures Schaefer's vocal delivery and which best accents that delivery with lovely background instrumentation. There are 13 songs (all original) debuted on this CD and there's a flow which strangely compliments the diversity of this unique album

The Spirit of Spotty

April 6, 1996 - In Stock
The Spirit Of Spotty is Elizabeth's 2nd CD. Released in 1996, it features her full band. Smart and sassy, alternative and quirky rock and roll.

This Theater Was Razed

July 21, 1994 - In Stock
This Theater Was Razed is Schaefer's debut CD featuring an eclectic variety of popular Madison area musicians. The songs are undeniably theatrical and range from folk to blues. The songs are colorful if at the same time decadent in themes; including songs pertaining to ghosts in the moviehouse and muderous brothers locked up in the smokehouse.