Music in Detroit, Variety in Madison :)

hello all

I have 2 shows coming up that I’d love for you to know about.

First, this Sunday

Sunday July 24, 7pm at Marygrove College in Detroit MI
I open for the great Stanley Clarke! This is wildly exciting for me. How did it happen, you ask? well, Stanley Clarke is family with one of the organizers of this conference I’m presenting at in Detroit, and now I get to play this show where the theme is Changing the Narrative. Our Detroit-based hosts, Khary and Piper, will lead a conversation on the topic, I’ll play a little set made for the occasion, and then Stanley Clarke plays! Joined by pianist Cliff whose last name I don’t know.
Here’s an EventBrite link in case you or someone you know might be inclined to come to a show in Detroit.

And ...
Saturday August 6, 3pm at Cafe CODA 1224 Williamson Madison WI
The Human Show Ep. 15: Local Acts
This episode of the Human Show interview/variety show will focus on the ‘act local’ part of that famous phrase. Interview guests include Aaron Cutler and Elliott Gilfillan will share their Myco Uprising waterway cleaning project, and Paul Abramson will share some deep neighobhood history. Elliott is also the Piano Recital guest this month so we’ll get to hear more of his musical offerings.

Free! Live! and it’ll be livestreamed and recorded in case you can’t make it.


Have an idea or a burning desire to share your thoughts or projects with the world? Or a bit of piano music? Let me know if you’d like to be a future Human Show guest. First Saturday each month 3-4pm.

Thanks for reading! and listening