2 afternoon shows Fri + Sat - SR solo on the Terrace then interview/variety The Human Show

Hello all,

I’m very glad to have music both to escape and to process the very complicated world around us. I’d be happy to share that with you this weekend :)

I really hope you can come to the Terrace on Friday 4-6 for my first time playing up there all by myself. I’m very excited for it!

Friday July 1, 4-6 pm at UW Memorial Union Terrace! I play solo for the Behind the Beat series. Very exciting to play this iconic outdoor venue. I’ll play 2 sets full of music you haven’t heard in awhile. Plus it’ll be FUN FUN FUN

followed closely by the next Human Show,
Saturday July 2, 3-4pm at Cafe CODA 1224 Williamson St.
The Human Show ep 14: Independence
Feat. Interview Guest Rebecca Kemble on independence v. sovereignty
and what it means in the context of this country’s history and present. Or something. :) You won’t want to miss it. The Piano Recital guest is Stephanie Rearick, playing some classical pieces leftover from my Farley’s Make Music Madison set.

Enjoy the beautiful week!