Updated show info Feb. 25-June 2

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Updated show info Feb. 25-June 2

Hello all,

I’m writing about 3 upcoming shows that I’d love for you to come to (the one this Saturday is live streamed from cafecoda.club - that’s why you’re getting this if you’re far away. Also - Beau friends and fans, I plan to play his/our song in my last set of music, between 4-4:30CST).

Saturday Feb 25, 3pm (CST) The Human Show ep. 16: Crimethink Inc. or...
The Political is Personal

Featuring interview guests John Nichols on the state of
political discourse and organizing, and Sharon Irwin on her petition to bring
charges against police officer Matt Kenny who shot and killed her grandson,
Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., in March 2015.

I’ll play a few songs on the themes, including the debut of a new
collaboration with Beau O’Reilly (Maestro Subgum, Crooked Mouth)

The Human Show is monthly on the 3rd Saturday each month, 3-4:30pm. If you
want to be interviewed, play music, or suggest topics please be in touch!


THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM Shecase Showdown @Harmony Bar
6 songs each, in a round, feat. Huan-Hua Chye, Jules Iolyn, Nancy Rost, Stephanie Rearick.
I have a theme for my song selection: Processing Sh*t Through Music. :)


And mark your calendars for

Friday June 2, 4-6pm at the UW Memorial Union Terrace! Behind the Beat series
I play solo in thies beautiful setting, which was a highlight for me last
summer. I hope you can make it, and let’s also hope for beautiful weather!

Nice to think about spring, isn’t it?