Your Mom SRO

Your Mom SRO

Because it conflicted with the moniker of some band in California, Madison's Your Mom recently had to change its name. Members came up with The Your Mom SRO, with SRO standing for "Standard Rock Outfit," but as anyone who has heard the group's music knows, that's not exactly truth in advertising.


Lizards & Stars

November 29, 1997 - In Stock
"Lizards & Stars" was released in late 1997. It was recorded by Brian Daly at Optisonic Studios over Labor Day weekend with the exception of track 13, "Tearing and Merging." This track (which is based on the Russell Edson poem, "...the tearing and merging of clouds") was recorded live at Weird Out In The Woods by Studio Earth Remote. It features a special guest performance by pSteve Wessing.

Royal Jelly

April 14, 1995 - In Stock
The first studio release by this eclectic and odd rock/cabaret ensemble. Loose and shambly with a feel similar to the Velvet Underground, Stephanie Rearick and friends conjure up a wild ride.