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Humans! Take Note! Just got word that the touring band on the bill has cancelled with a dead van... so the SHOW NOW STARTS @ 9:30PM!
BLACK DOT will now go on promptly at 9:30pm!!
now you have no excuse not to make it :)
see you at Reggies' for Mr. Reardon's last American BLACK DOT ride!!!

BLACK DOT ** FRI AUG 30TH ** REGGIES MUSIC JOINT 2105 S State Chicago ** 9:30pm ** DOT HITS FIRST! ** followed by Paper Angels, Doctor Pyramid ** $5

ED REARDON’S FAREWELL SHOW!!!! His... [read more]




a reminder that Ed Reardon's farewell to the USA show is THIS FRIDAY! BLACK DOT goes on 1st, so you can party down with the Reardon and bask in shredding aura. Can't tell you how much i'll miss having Ed around. i am sure many of you reading this feel the same way...
ALSO, another reason to come out is that BLACK DOT will be recording this show for release at a later date! We need your awesome DOT vibe to knock it out of the park! so please, come on out and double dip for history!

summing up:

BLACK DOT... [read more]


More dates have been added to West US tour leg

Please tell your friends to come see me in these various cities coming up. Boise and Pocatello Idaho, Bismarck North Dakota, Aberdeen South Dakota, Duluth and Minneapolis Minnesota. Then out eastward starting September. Stay tuned...

All confirmed show and sharing economy gatherings are detailed and will be kept up to date here.

And don't forget to watch my lyric video Skin.

And... [read more]


West US leg of tour - starts Thur!

I'm excited to begin the west coast leg of my tour. It'll feel like a luxury to have a car to haul my stuff in, after dragging it all around Europe. And I can take some Mother Fool's cold-brewed iced coffee with me! I seriously thought wistfully about that when I was in Europe..

I just made a poster with most of the dates on it. It doesn't include stops between OR and SD because those are still being worked out. There will be sharing economy stuff in Columbia Gorge OR and Boise ID. Other shows and stops may be in the works too...... [read more]


on playing for free, paying to play etc

While musicians in Madison were playing for free at Make Music Madison and elsewhere, or not playing for free and maybe or maybe not complaining about musicians being asked to play for free - I was paying to play in Europe.

I didn't realize until I was at the airport that my equipment case was 20lbs. over the weight limit and thus cost $200 to transport. And then transportation to the venues I played, another $30 to take it on the train back to London from the Netherlands, and the physical cost of lugging the monstrosity around. And... [read more]


Report #1 from the Dreamworld Tour (a long one, sorry!)


I’ve been having a wonderful time on the road (or in the air), meeting people, learning a lot, giving talks and workshops on building a sharing economy through cooperative practices.

First stop on this leg of the trip was Sunrise Festival near Bath UK.

After an all-night flight I arrived in London and took a train straight to the festival, where it was chilly, grey and muddy. I was provided with a really nice camping spot and gear courtesy of Camplight, a great little organization that rescues camping equipment... [read more]


Dreamworld is here! and tour's shaping up

I'm pleased to report that I have my CDs in hand! And I love them.
Rev. Velveteen played my cover of the Frogs' Laugh last night on Psychoacoustics on WORT 89.9fm. And more radio news to come...

you can order them at http://www.uvulittle.com/catalog/stephanie-rearick-jr/dreamworld or pick one up at Mother Fool's or MadCity Music in Madison. I'll get them to other record stores in town this weekend, you'll find it on web music places etc.

And... [read more]


Tour booking starting now

Well it's time to start cranking on booking my various upcoming tours. That'll be a mountain of work, luckily the promise of such great times makes it easier to get motivated.

I just booked my CD release show, opening for Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl of Faun Fables. They are two of my very favorite musicians so it's a real honor and pleasure to share this bill with them. I look forward to playing first and then enjoying them the rest of the night. Friday, May 10 at the Dragonfly Lounge, a lovely little space in an old gothic... [read more]


Maestro Subgum and the Whole update

All of the components of the Box Set are done. We are awaiting delivery of the actual box (coming from Vancouver) and will mail them out to everyone who pre-order(ed/s) it as soon as they arrive. We've pre-sold 8 Boxes and there are about 20 set aside for band members leaving ~70 for YOU.

All eight original releases are also available separately available at our website in physical and digital formats. You can listen to a few tracks from each album to get an idea of the different eras.

The "Rares" CD will be available later... [read more]



seems like time for an update

I've finished all my tracks for my new record (by Stephanie Rearick Jr.) and have decided to call it Dreamworld. And I've been working on the artwork and really enjoying it. Also adding some of it to my website

Now for the mixing. Some won't need a whole lot, well, actually most if it won't. Jon Hain just turned in a mix of one of the songs that really surprised me, and that I really like. So it'll be cool to see what... [read more]


Maestro Subgum re-release news & a video from the archive

The Maestro Subgum re-release project is moving along. Seven (of eight) albums are now re-mastered. Licensing is in progress. Packaging is starting to come together. Pre-orders will begin shortly. It has been a long haul and still a good amount of work to finish but the end is in sight! Thanks everyone who has helped so far and especially thanks to the band members for creating such an amazing body of work. --> Beau O'Reilly, Jenny Magnus, Bob Jacobson, Colm O'Reilly, Miki Greenberg, Katie Byrd, Ned Folkerth, Joe Tek Huppert and many... [read more]


Stephanie Rearick Jr. album and tour coming 2013


Sorry it's been so long, I actually forgot I could blog on here. Have been blogging more about work at http://blog.timeftw.org - check it out if you'd like to read more about the work I do on helping create a cooperative economy that works for us rather than the other way around.

And now that work is easing up a bit I can turn my attention to music!

In January I'll record a full-length Stephanie Rearick Jr. album (or whatever the kids are calling it these days). Working title... [read more]


Maestro Subgum and the Whole - Project update and a video

Update on the Maestro project...

We are continuing to make progress but have run into some technical hurdles. That is to be expected when dealing with old reel-to-reel tapes.. We are working through them and are still on track to get this all out this fall.

The live archive continues to grow. Thanks to everyone that has signed up for that. Your comments and ratings are very helpful.

We are getting near the... [read more]


Holla Body

hello beautiful...

just a note. no live performance scheduled right now, but lots of irons in the pot. a couple of recording projects. Edward Reardon and i have been kicking concepts for a Doctor Bonobo album in the future and i have sent some things to Ed's secret lab. also, been talking with David Lee Smith and Tracee Westmoreland about making at least one track together long distance style. remember that they are in Berlin and Brussels. Davidly, says he may have something in my inbox in a few weeks to play with... Why? cause it'll... [read more]


rhubarb grows

had a great time performing a version of this as "The Blonde Rhubarbs" along with dancers Mindy Meyers, Nadine Lollino, Lyndsae Rinio, and Brewer Bob Brown @ Drinking and Writing Theater's BEERFLY ALLEY FIGHT. BAF pairs brewers, chefs, and artists together for a day of performances, tastings, and friendly competition. a blast! enjoy the the demo i worked up for the piece. a one take wonder featuring vox and wavedrum...

CLICK: http://soundcloud.com/barry-bennett/rhubarb-... [read more]

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