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Sara Pace
February 21, 2010

Sassafras Records

Sara Pace spend the last three years working on Simpatico - her second release - and it was time well spent. Featuring a host of local players this disc hits home with direct, from the heart, songwriter and lovely production.

This is solid Americana with just enough twang to pull at the heartstrings.

"Even without considering the instrumentation, Simpatico would score highly on the vocal strength of Sara Pace alone. Pure and true, her voice evokes the perfect overtones of a... [more]

Sharp Steel Pinafore

Amelia Royko
February 21, 2010

"Sharp Steel Pinafore is an unbridled joy - proof that she is among this city's best and most unappreciated musical treasures." - Isthmus

"she can sing sweet and soft or crank it out, the tunes ranging in style from folky ballads to indie flavoured rockers... she is attracting a real following of devoted fans... she has got a great band and people are starting to notice." - Ricks Cafe


February 21, 2010

Speakeasy Records

Alt-country at its finest. This collection of songs takes an eerie yet comic plunge into the domestic sphere of rural Indiana, profiles midwestern indigenous persons, and wrestles with the age-old plight of heartache in a tavern.

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