Sara Pace

Sara Pace

Having parents who kept more records on their shelves than anything else, Sara Pace spent hours of her childhood curled up on the couch listening to albums -- reading lyric jackets as if they were books.

By the time she was teenager just listening to music was not enough. Influenced by three older brothers who all played instruments, Sara learned to play the guitar at age fourteen and not long after she started writing songs.

In the late 1990's Sara performed regularly in Iowa where she shared the stage with such local and national artists as: Bo Ramsey, David Zollo and Stuart Davis.

After she relocated to Madison, Wisconsin in 2001, Sara received critical acclaim as a songwriter from the national songwriting competition Songs Inspired By Literature , where her "Ballad of Calamity Jane" was chosen as a semi-finalist.

In 2003 Sara released her debut album entitled, Sara Pace: Self-Titled. 'Self-Titled' has been hailed as "Understated and absolutely gorgeous…a mesmerizing foray into windswept Midwestern folk." -- Performing Songwriter Magazine

It was selected as one of Performing Songwriter's Top 12 DIY (Do-It-Yourself) releases for the June 2003 issue.

Self-Titled also made the Top 20 Best Sellers list on the Miles of Music website in August of 2003.

Draped in simplicity and pure acoustic arrangements, Sara Pace: Self-Titled is a lyrical heavy-hitter within a modern Americana arena. Incorporating both fictional storytelling and poetic personal reckonings, 'self-titled' gracefully tips its hat to topics such as growing better (not older), politeness, and the carousel ride of love.

The Toronto Star, describes Pace as a, "Lilith Fair type singer but with more balls."

Her songwriting has been lauded by many and compared to that of John Prine, Greg Brown, and Gillian Welch.

Pace currently tours and performs in the Midwest with guitarist, Doug Milks and pedal-steel guitarist, Adam Davis. This unique trio was honored at the 2004 Madison Area Music Awards where Sara was awarded Best Acoustic Artist. She was nominated in four categories including Best Acoustic Artist, Best Acoustic Album, Best New Artist, and Best Female Vocalist.



August 28, 2005 - In Stock
Sara Pace spend the last three years working on Simpatico - her second release - and it was time well spent. Featuring a host of local players this disc hits home with direct, from the heart, songwriter and lovely production. This is solid Americana with just enough twang to pull at the heartstrings. "Even without considering the instrumentation, Simpatico would score highly on the vocal... [read more]