Amelia Royko

Amelia Royko

Drawing strongly on the inspirations from her past, Amelia pushes folk and rock arrangements in bold new directions with an edge that can only come from years of live performing. Her voice captures the ears of audiences and holds them fast while the soul of her music demands their hearts. Amelia Royko is making strides in a genre that demands nothing less than pure honesty and soul, precision and passion.

In other words, "a twinkly folk musician with a house-ridden rock 'n' roll air guitar show."


Sharp Steel Pinafore

April 9, 2003 - In Stock
"Sharp Steel Pinafore is an unbridled joy - proof that she is among this city's best and most unappreciated musical treasures." - Isthmus "she can sing sweet and soft or crank it out, the tunes ranging in style from folky ballads to indie flavoured rockers... she is attracting a real following of devoted fans... she has got a great band and people are starting to notice." - Ricks Cafe