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Horses and Smoke

Ritt Deitz

Uvulittle Records

Horses and Smoke, Ritt Deitz’ new album, his sixth on Uvulittle, was recorded live to open-reel tape last winter in Oregon, Wisconsin. Engineered and mixed by Bruce Kasprzyk, the album breathes with the authenticity that comes from years and years of playing with friends and family. Indeed, he's joined by his son Wilder on piano and his two core band members, Joe Meisel and Dave Foss. Madison fiddle wizard, Biff Blumfumgagnge sits in on two tracks (and mastered the album.)

There are... [more]

Collected (1999-2000)

Ritt Deitz

Uvulittle Records

Collected (1999-2000)
Since STAY is now out of print and HILLBILLY will soon be, Ritt has put together a collection of favorites from his first 2 albums for Uvulittle Records. Included is a new single, "Shake," on which Deitz plays all the instruments.

In addition to Deitz on acoustic guitar and vocals, a wide cast of players including Steve Burke, Joe Meisel, Jay Moran and Bif Blumfumgagnge round out the tracks with piano, dobro... [more]


Sara Pace

Sassafras Records

Sara Pace spend the last three years working on Simpatico - her second release - and it was time well spent. Featuring a host of local players this disc hits home with direct, from the heart, songwriter and lovely production.

This is solid Americana with just enough twang to pull at the heartstrings.

"Even without considering the instrumentation, Simpatico would score highly on the vocal strength of Sara Pace alone. Pure and true, her voice evokes the perfect overtones of a... [more]


Ritt Deitz

Bentback Records

"Stay, his second release, is full of gritty, intelligent folk with songs that are, by turns, sweet, gentle, and smoldering. Dietz's warm baritone and confident songwriting are a perfect match, like a welcome campfire on a chilly fall night." -- The Riverside

Features HILLBILLY veterans Joe Meisel and Steve Burke, with guest appearances by harper Turner Collins and Reptile Palace Orchestra violinist Biff Blumfumgagnge. STAY grows out of a unique sense of place and time, and offers... [more]

Live at Mother Fool's

Various Artists - Compilations

Uvulittle Records

This is a great sampler of the Mother Fool's music scene, circa 1996.

"Smack-dab in the middle of an historic and eclectic Madison, WI neighborhood stands Mother Fool's -- a tiny, intimate, smoke-free coffeehouse that is home to some of the city's most creative and refreshing musicians. But because Mother Fool's holds fewer than 100 people, owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick decided to form their own record label, compile many of the coffeehouse's finest moments and release for... [more]

At the Heart of What's Obvious

Elizabeth Schaefer

Wrecked Moviehouse

This CD best captures Schaefer's vocal delivery and which best accents that delivery with lovely background instrumentation. There are 13 songs (all original) debuted on this CD and there's a flow which strangely compliments the diversity of this unique album

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