Andy Ewen


Ritt Deitz

Uvulittle Records

Ritt Deitz releases his fifth full-length CD of original and traditional songs, Upstream, on Uvulittle Records. Ritt spent the winter in the studio with longtime collaborators bassist Joe Meisel and guitarist / dobro player Craig Totten, sons Wilder (piano, percussion) and Mitch (percussion) and hammered dulcimer player Dave Foss. Singer-songwriter Sara Pace guests on backing vocals on four songs, including a lovely duet version of the Southern gospel standard "Wayfaring Stranger." Ritt's... [more]

When The World Runs Fast

Honor Among Thieves

Flaming Pie Records

This is a CDr of the original 1987 Honor Among Thieves release, When The World Runs Fast. The packaging is minimal - just a jewel case with no cover art. It contains all the songs from the original vinyl release.

United Mind Workers

Honor Among Thieves


This is a CDr of the original 1990 Honor Among Thieves release, United Mind Workers. The packaging is minimal - just a jewel case with no cover art. It contains all the songs from the original release.

When The World Runs Fast (dvd)

Honor Among Thieves

Brave New Image Productions

WHEN THE WORLD RUNS FAST asks the question: What is success?

About When the World Runs Fast:

Must it mean fame and fortune? Does it always lead to selling one's soul? You've heard the stories of rockbands making it big while giving up family and friends along the way; is that the only path to the top? Or can successful musicians be happy in a small pond, as a creative, viable force in their community, with time left for life's simple pleasures?

This is the story of... [more]

No Camouflage Anti-War CD

Various Artists - Compilations

Coney Island Records

No Camouflage is a powerful anti-war cry by many of Madison's top artists. Spearheaded by Wendy Bugatti of Coney Island studio, No Camouflage features original new recordings of an astounding array of music and spoken word pieces, plus US soldier testimonials directly from Iraq. The release of this CD is an event that has brought together Madison artists, members of local peace organizations and political leaders who support and create community-based change. All money raised by this project... [more]

Live at Mother Fool's

Various Artists - Compilations

Uvulittle Records

This is a great sampler of the Mother Fool's music scene, circa 1996.

"Smack-dab in the middle of an historic and eclectic Madison, WI neighborhood stands Mother Fool's -- a tiny, intimate, smoke-free coffeehouse that is home to some of the city's most creative and refreshing musicians. But because Mother Fool's holds fewer than 100 people, owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick decided to form their own record label, compile many of the coffeehouse's finest moments and release for... [more]

primordial soup du jour

Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves is one of the hottest psychedelic blues bands. This disc catches them live at the Harmony Bar on Halloween, 1997.

The Vision and a Friend

Honor Among Thieves

Boat Records

Recorded over 3 days at Smart Studios, this album, quite simply, rocks. For rockin blues, it does not get any better than this.

Four Songs (EP)

Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves clock in with four high-energy cuts on this 1993 EP.

The Blue God

Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves guitarist Andy Ewen and cartoonist P.S. Mueller wrote a bunch of songs. Honor Among Thieves, liked them. So Andy, along with bassist Doug DeRosa, drummer Joey B. Banks, violinist Randy Hoecherl and Mueller got together with Steve Gotcher at Audio for the Arts and recorded The Blue God. It's really good. Everyone is very happy with it.
Though there are a couple of words and phrases on The Blue God which would likely shock the delicate sensibilities of Tipper Gore, by... [more]

The Spirit of Spotty

Elizabeth Schaefer

Wrecked Moviehouse

The Spirit Of Spotty is Elizabeth's 2nd CD. Released in 1996, it features her full band.

Smart and sassy, alternative and quirky rock and roll.

This Theater Was Razed

Elizabeth Schaefer

Wrecked Moviehouse

This Theater Was Razed is Schaefer's debut CD featuring an eclectic variety of popular Madison area musicians. The songs are undeniably theatrical and range from folk to blues. The songs are colorful if at the same time decadent in themes; including songs pertaining to ghosts in the moviehouse and muderous brothers locked up in the smokehouse.

Andrando Solo

Andy Ewen


File under: Surreal Acoustic Blues
This is Andy Ewen's first solo CD. Andy Ewen is best known as the fiery electric guitarist and vocalist with Honor Among Thieves, one of Madison, Wisconsin's most respected and longest lived bands. Andrando Solo is his first effort completely on his own, and represents a more intimate, though equally intense side of Ewen's music.

Recorded completely live by Wendy Schneider at Coney Island Studios, Madison, Wisconsin

In A Heartbeat

Bob Westfall

Newesterner Music

Second CD by the talented acoustic folk singer-songwriter Bob Westfall.

Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves is one of Madison Wisconsin's hottest bands. They play their own style of pumped up psycho-roots rock that has been compared to Tom Waits on cocaine. Perhaps more like the bastard love child of Captain Beefheart and Muddy Waters, hopped up on ether and hanging with Hunter Thompson....

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