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Mark Haines

Ridin' With Chuck

The Midwesterners

Darlington Records

The Midwesterners have pulled out all the stops on this one, 12 songs of dancin', drivin', and backyard barbequein' music that's a party from beginning to end!

Call it "Americana" if you need to put a handle on the music, because the songs are certainly steeped in American musical traditions. The Midwesterners have earned a reputation for rollicking, twangy performances, but on this latest album, they pull out all the stops, from the opening manifesto, Keep The Dance Floor Full, to... [more]

The Midwesterners

The Midwesterners

Darlingtone Records

What do you think of when you think of the Midwest, Wisconsin in particular. Cheese? Frozen tundra? Cornfields? The heartland? Small towns? All these everyday elements go into the songs of The Midwesterners. From the honky tonk story in Dark Tavern Blues, to the resurgence of hope in The Winter of 96', to the joy of rock and roll in Unsafe At Any Speed and Guitar Problem. Everyday life, salt of the earth characters, journeyman musicianship, and a pinch of humor are the elements for "... [more]

Pretty Little Town

The Midwesterners

Darlingtone Records

"Pretty Little Town" is the second CD by The Midwesterners on Darlingtone Records.

Located in the 'frozen tundra' of Madison, Wisconsin, and spearheaded by Richard Wiegel, who plays guitar and writes the songs, the CD runs the gamut from rock to twang to rockabilly and all points in between.

Comprised of guitar, standup bass, drums and steel guitar, the CD reflects stellar production values and journeyman musicianship.

Recorded and mixed at Coney Island and Smart Studios... [more]


Bugattitype 35

Jollydog Music

This is the one that has everyone's attention... TRACTION picks up where the debut leaves off and it never looks back. From the foot tappin' all out energy of "Trish Dresser", to the intelligent, contemplative, yet explosive "Jimmy", this album has it all.

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