Chris Wagoner

Up The Wall

Stephanie Rearick

Uvulittle Records

Up The Wall, is a return to form, four years in the making after 2007's Democracy. Side A is the political and economic side, side B gets personal. Part rock and roll, part sweeping beauty with some quirky ditties and jazzy piano numbers mixed in, Up The Wall is another remarkably original and fresh offering from Rearick. While primarily original songs, the covers here come from Dusty Springfield, Nina Simone and Yoko Ono.

Piano driven songs range from simplistic melodies to complex... [more]


Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble

Hot String Swing Records

This is the first studio CD by Madison, Wisconsin's authentic gypsy swing band. The recording features an expanded band lineup and includes original music, arrangements of Django Reinhardt classics, jazz standards, and Latin tunes.

United Mind Workers

Honor Among Thieves


This is a CDr of the original 1990 Honor Among Thieves release, United Mind Workers. The packaging is minimal - just a jewel case with no cover art. It contains all the songs from the original release.

In A Heartbeat

Bob Westfall

Newesterner Music

Second CD by the talented acoustic folk singer-songwriter Bob Westfall.

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