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Two new records, upcoming shows! Stephanie Rearick + Ladyscissors - UK + Madison

Stephanie Rearick
Sun, Oct 12, 2014

Two new records, upcoming shows! Stephanie Rearick + Ladyscissors - UK + Madison

It's been an eventful couple weeks!

I'm pleased to announce that both Ladyscissors' debut CD, Glitterbox, and my solo CD every thing everything will be back from the press this week!

The Ladyscissors release party is this
Saturday, October 18! 10pm, Crystal Corner Bar, 1302 Williamson St. Madison WI

With Peel A Peel and Venus in Furs!

My solo record, every thing everything, will be finished but I won't release it here until early 2015. I'll preview it in the UK, though - my next few shows are in London and Bristol UK

Monday October 27 - Voices at the Boogaloo 312 Archway Rd, London N6 5AT, United Kingdom
This is a showcase-style show, I'll play a few songs along with a number of other scheduled performers. Details as I get them.

Tuesday October 28 - another showcase-style show, London, details TBA

Thursday, October 30 - The Beatrice, 55 Camden High St, London NW1 7JH, United Kingdom

I open for a new side project of some of the members of The Feeling. Should be a very cool show.

Sometime around November 1-2 I'll play a show at a test-run for a festival happening later in Bristol UK. So like a mini- pre-festival, which should be really wonderful. With music and political/economic focus. Details TBA.

That's it for now. Come to the Ladyscissors show and see me off on this UK trip!

And soon you'll be able to buy Glitterbox (and a little later, every thing everything) at http://uvulittle.com

Thanks for listening!


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