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Rearick music upcomings - shows, sale, recordings, tour!

Stephanie Rearick
Sat, Apr 12, 2014

Rearick music upcomings - shows, sale, recordings, tour!


I'm so happy to have some music news to report. It's been a long cold lonely winter.

Spring is bringing lots of nice changes, including I have a lot of fun music opportunities coming up.

But first - buy some stuff from me! I've recorded most or all of the tracks
for my next record 'every thing everything' and you can help me pay for it
(the great Ed Reardon's doing it again! from his new home in Vienna) by
buying some of my previous music. You can get the whole collection - all six of my solo albums - for $31. If seven of you do this you'll pay the bill so far and the more of you who do it, the more I can avoid paying out of pocket from money I don't have as we mix, and the more I can start to pay Ed what he's really worth.


and I have some cool shows coming up.

May 1 and 2 are the performances of Are We Delicious? Musical Fantasy, in
which I'm one of 6 musicians - the others are all wonderful: Andrew Rohn
(music director and player), Biff Blumfumgagnge, Meghan Rose, Sean Michael
Dargan, and Scott Lamps - who will write and perform music for 6 short
theater pieces, all of which will be written, rehearsed and performed within one week. It's going to be super cool! A lot of work and a lot of fun. Please come see it! http://www.growingshows.com/delicious

May 9 my band Ladyscissors (I'm on drums and vox, Lorrie Hurckes guitar and
vox, Anne Bull bass and vox, Brent George guitar. It's kind of jangly rock
and roll, a little Velvet Undergroundy, and little rockabillyish sometimes)
plays at Mr. Roberts here in Madison. I don't know the other details yet,
stay tuned at http://stephanierearick.com and I'll post more there. You
can also friend me up on facebook.

(argh, I'm trying to find P.S. Mueller's facebook cartoon from last week's
Isthmus to link to for your amusement, but can't find it online - so
Madisonians you should go check that out)

Next week Ladyscissors makes our first record! Jon Hain (Uvulittle Records
mogul) will record us. We're really excited.

In June I'll be on a little tour out to the east coast, mainly for work but
I'll try to play some shows too. Let me know if you want to help set
something up or get the word out. On the agenda so far: Chicago (May 31, no
shows scheduled anywhere yet), Ithaca NY, Gardiner ME, Brattleboro VT, Boston MA, Philadelphia PA, Lansing and Detroit MI. May 31 - June 14. You on the route? Get in touch! You can contact me through my website

That's enough for now. I hope to see you if you're in the vicinity of any of these upcoming shows. And don't forget, you can buy my music super cheap
right now! Makes a great gift...


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