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Live at Mother Fool's

Various Artists - Compilations

Uvulittle Records

This is a great sampler of the Mother Fool's music scene, circa 1996.

"Smack-dab in the middle of an historic and eclectic Madison, WI neighborhood stands Mother Fool's -- a tiny, intimate, smoke-free coffeehouse that is home to some of the city's most creative and refreshing musicians. But because Mother Fool's holds fewer than 100 people, owners Jon Hain and Stephanie Rearick decided to form their own record label, compile many of the coffeehouse's finest moments and release for... [more]

Hello, my name is


Uvulittle Records

Pascal was on the very first CD that Uvulittle released, 1996's Live at Mother Fool's so we are extremely excited to be releasing his debut CD. The sound is raw and beautiful -- acoustic punk ballads.

The Nashville Rage says, "...sounds something like Will Oldham and Beck drunk on Robitussin (in other words, dark, weird, creepy and really cool.)"

Sea of Tranquility says, "Take Violent Femmes frontman Gordon Gano, lock him in a cushioned cell with Beck and invite David Byrne... [more]

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