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Joey B. Banks

When The World Runs Fast (dvd)

Honor Among Thieves

Brave New Image Productions

WHEN THE WORLD RUNS FAST asks the question: What is success?

About When the World Runs Fast:

Must it mean fame and fortune? Does it always lead to selling one's soul? You've heard the stories of rockbands making it big while giving up family and friends along the way; is that the only path to the top? Or can successful musicians be happy in a small pond, as a creative, viable force in their community, with time left for life's simple pleasures?

This is the story of... [more]

The Blue God

Honor Among Thieves

Honor Among Thieves guitarist Andy Ewen and cartoonist P.S. Mueller wrote a bunch of songs. Honor Among Thieves, liked them. So Andy, along with bassist Doug DeRosa, drummer Joey B. Banks, violinist Randy Hoecherl and Mueller got together with Steve Gotcher at Audio for the Arts and recorded The Blue God. It's really good. Everyone is very happy with it.
Though there are a couple of words and phrases on The Blue God which would likely shock the delicate sensibilities of Tipper Gore, by... [more]

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