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West US leg of tour - starts Thur!

Stephanie Rearick
Sun, Jul 14, 2013

West US leg of tour - starts Thur!

I'm excited to begin the west coast leg of my tour. It'll feel like a luxury to have a car to haul my stuff in, after dragging it all around Europe. And I can take some Mother Fool's cold-brewed iced coffee with me! I seriously thought wistfully about that when I was in Europe..

I just made a poster with most of the dates on it. It doesn't include stops between OR and SD because those are still being worked out. There will be sharing economy stuff in Columbia Gorge OR and Boise ID. Other shows and stops may be in the works too...

Please tell your friends about dates in their area. Share my new video with them so they can see if they like it, and pass it on to their friends! And let me know if you have suggestions for other stops on the route.

Hope to see you somewhere

oh, and please support the tour if you're able. You'll get a digital download of Dreamworld to thank you!


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