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Some Kinds of Love

Stephanie Rearick
Sat, Feb 8, 2014

Some Kinds of Love

I'll be playing a show here in Madison on Valentine's Day and another in Chicago the following Friday.

The theme, especially for the Valentine's show, is "Some Kinds of Love." That's both my tribute to the late great Lou Reed and what all the songs I'll play that night are about. All different kinds of love. I really don't write much about romantic love, especially straightforward 'I love you, can't live without you' kind of stuff (which often makes me puke) - but there is some of it. And love of world, friends, music, neighborhood, etc.

Speaking of love, I'm really excited to play the Chicago show on Feb. 21. This celebrates a new book by my friend and long-time artistic hero Jenny Magnus. I'll play 3 of her songs, all of which I LOVE LOVE LOVE, including my all-time favorite Maestro Subgum song "Lullaby from a Weird Place." And many other old friends and artists who I love will be performing and attending.

I hope to see you at one of these shows if you're nearby.


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