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every thing everything

Stephanie Rearick
Tue, Mar 4, 2014

every thing everything

I'm writing a lot lately and feeling an itch to record again this year. And for whatever reason the title and artwork are preceding some of the music, and that's cool with me. It'll be 'every thing everything' and I need to get permission for the photo I want to use for artwork, and don't know yet who it is. Recognize it?

Anyway, it'll be Jr. stuff, piano stuff, new stuff, a couple covers (at least one Jenny Magnus/Maestro Subgum), some things I'm writing for other projects. Ooh, maybe even some microtonal... we'll see...


Speaking of other projects, I'll have the honor and fun of being part of a house band for "Are We Delicious?" http://www.growingshows.com/delicious

Are We Delicious? is an ensemble of Madison writer/performers who conceive, write, rehearse and perform an original one-hour comedy-variety show in a single week. Everyone writes, everyone acts and no one can rest until the final curtain.

with Andrew Rohn, Biff Blumfumgagnge, Sean Michael Dargan, Meghan Rose and I'm sorry I'm not sure who the 6th is - another stellar one I'm sure. Each of us will write a song for the play and we all play them all live. intense! fun!


Ladyscissors has plans to record too!

Looking forward to a music-filled Spring

Hope yours is too. I can help if you want ;)

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