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Stephanie Rearick
Sat, Feb 2, 2013


seems like time for an update

I've finished all my tracks for my new record (by Stephanie Rearick Jr.) and have decided to call it Dreamworld. And I've been working on the artwork and really enjoying it. Also adding some of it to my website

Now for the mixing. Some won't need a whole lot, well, actually most if it won't. Jon Hain just turned in a mix of one of the songs that really surprised me, and that I really like. So it'll be cool to see what direction it goes... I'm doing some, Jon's doing some, I'll probably ask Ed Reardon to do some (if you're reading this Ed, consider yourself asked! rudely! ;)

I play tonight at Mother Fool's opening for All Good Things, whose stuff I really like and who I'm excited to see.

I play Sunday Feb. 16 in Chicago at the close of Rhino Fest by Curious Theater. I've played that event before and love it, with friends Crooked Mouth (core of Uvulittle labelmates Maestro Subgum and the Whole)

My band Ladyscissors (I'm on drums/vox, Lorrie Hurckes guitar/vox, Brent George guitar, Anne Bull bass) will play a Roller Derby after-party March 16 at the Frequency.

And the night before that I'll have the extreme pleasure and honor of seeing Leonard Cohen in concert.


and all the while I'll be preparing for some big touring starting the month of June in Europe (hopefully playing some in UK and Holland while traveling for work too), late July/August headed west US and back, late Sept/early Nov headed east, down south and back. Should be a great time! Let me know if you want to help in any way... Everything needed, including suggestions of tour stops, venues, people to play with, places to stay, media stuff to do, etc etc

That'll be nice!

thanks for reading

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