Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Hanah Jon Taylor Artet

Avant-garde saxophone master, Taylor also plays wind-synth and flute.

Voted "Best Jazz Artist" in the 2006 Madison Area Music Awards.



February 16, 2010 - Out of Stock
Creative improvised music by The Hanah Jon Taylor Artet.

Free Will

August 23, 1999 - In Stock
Mr. Taylor's second release. Combines both studio and live tracks to create an intimate recording that truly highlights both his skills as a composer/bandleader and as a top-flight player. The title track, "Free Will" won "Best Jazz Song 2005" in the Madison Area Music Awards.

Walk-in Angels

November 23, 1997 - In Stock
Avant-garde saxaphone master, Hanah Jon Taylor checks in with his first studio release.