Spencer Sundell

At The Wart Hog Museum

Maestro Subgum and the Whole
December 19, 2012

Uvulittle Records

The 1993 album At The Warthog Museum was curated by Red Ned. The band had set out to do a live album, and indeed much of it was recorded direct to DAT at The Beat Kitchen and other venues. Some tracks were also done completely in studio (Sedistudio, Monster Disk), and the complete list of engineers and mixers included Spencer Sundell, James Koffee, Ricky Barnes, Jim Janick, John Hughes, Pink Bob, and Red Ned.

Ned put the sequence together and edited a number of Lefty Fizzle rants,... [more]

Lost Lost Lost

Maestro Subgum and the Whole
December 2, 2012

Uvulittle Records

The pinnacle of the band’s recording career was Lost Lost Lost, both because of the variety of writers and singers and the size and tightness of the ensemble. The writing was still strong, but the horn and vocal arrangements had reached a new, fantastically satisfying level.

It was recorded at Acme Studios and mixed at C.M.C. Recorders, where mixer Joe DeLeonardis had a huge influence on the flow of the record. Bobby Ray led the horn section with new trombonist Mark Hollman (Mark Ray... [more]

Maestro Subgum and the Whole Archive

Maestro Subgum and the Whole
April 4, 2012

Uvulittle Records

The archive contains concerts and un-released studio sessions. We will continue adding material as long as stuff keeps turning up.

Purchase a year long subscription and stream Maestro 24/7.

Maestro Subgum - Box Set

Maestro Subgum and the Whole
March 10, 2012

Uvulittle Records

We printed 100 numbered copies. Each box contains all 8 original Maestro Subgum and the Whole albums and a "Rares" CD containing some of the best of the previously un-released tracks from the archive. Box buyers also get access to the on-line archive of live and unreleased recordings. The albums are also available individually and as downloads. The "Mp3" and "Flac" versions include all the albums and a digital version of the booklet.


... [more]

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