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uvulittle's Barry Bennett teams up with Madison's Kanopy Dance...

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Barry Bennett
Wed, Feb 22, 2012

uvulittle's Barry Bennett teams up with Madison's Kanopy Dance...

Bennett here:

hey kids, daddy's got a commission, of sorts, for KANOPY DANCE COMPANY in Madtown! the title suite of songs from my album, “Death to Death!! and other tales of Uneasy Harmony” will be featured in a world premiere dance by choreographer Kerry Parker in Kanopy’s spring concert.

Kanopy was on tour sharing a concert in Chicago with Winifred Haun & Dancers at the Ruth Page Theater, when dancer/choreographer Kerry Parker asked Winifred a fateful question..."who did the sound design for your dance?"
It turned out that it was little old me! :) Winnie cyber introduced us and she got ahold of the Death to Death album. Now, as i type, Kerry and her dancers are hard at work with my music trying to make a little dance theater magic...

It seems that Kanopy does really exciting work and i am pleased as punch to be a part of it.
check it out:
KANOPY DANCE COMPANY presents… CASSANDRA ** APRIL 13-15 ** Overture Center for the Arts, 201 State St, Madison, WI more info @ http://kanopydance.org

hope to see you UVU-lites there!

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