Sunshine For The Blind

Sunshine For The Blind

Sunshine For The Blind plays edgy guitar rock that features emotional vocals, vintage guitar sounds, driving, minimalistic drums beats and some of the tighteset basslines you've ever heard. The songs are catchy and accessable, combining classic rock sounds with a unique, modern sensibilty.

The band evolved from singer and guitarist Brian Daly's efforts to put a band together to play his songs. In 2003 Daly met drummer Daphna Ron who had just moved to Madison from La Crosse WI. where she was the drummer the for the alt country band Shot to Hell. Daly and Ron struck up a collaboration and found common ground in their love for riffy guitar rock. After a year of working on the basic sound of the band, providence smiled on the pair in the form of master bass player Ken Stevenson. Stevenson is a veteran player who honed his chops playing on the road with the popular Wisconsin bands Otis and the Aligators and the Stelectrics.

2007 kicked off with a burst of attention for Sunshine for the Blind with the release of their debut album See the River Rise.



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