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Scott Fields

Scott Fields

Composer, improvisor, band-leader, etc.. Scott Fields writes and records some of the most interesting and charged music going on today.




The music on this double trio project sounds as though it were composed by the bastard child of King Sunny Adò and Ornette Coleman. For most of the compositions, the trios are working in different but interlocking pitch sets and compound time signatures. These structures result in pip-popping little kicks and difficult-to-pin-down harmonies.
May 22, 1999 In Stock


The first and last compositions on Fugu were written for choreographer and dancer Li Chiao-Ping, although they have not yet been performed as dances. All but one of the pieces use varying compound time signatures and all are based on Stephen Dembski's post-serial tonal organization system. In fact, this is the most cohesive representation of that system as an nside the changes alternative to... [read more]
June 22, 1995 In Stock

Running With Scissors

Great performances of compositions influenced by a combination of methodical explorations of the history of Western tonal systems with an undercurrent of post-modernism.
February 22, 1994 In Stock

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