Josh Cole

Josh Cole

After appearing with Wilco, Patty Griffin and Chuck Prophet on Paste magazine's first-ever CD sampler, Josh Cole ventured out as a wandering philosopher, a singing vagabond, a guitar-toting gourmet cook. Along the way he invaded the households of kind strangers, swapping songs for a roof over his head, and even worked on an organic goat cheese farm in the Oregon Coastal Mountains.

Now, out of gratitude for all the warmth and hospitality he found while roaming the earth, Josh Cole and The Household bring you Hypocriticool, with dust-choked vocals and barbed-wire guitar corralling 13 punchy, teary-eyed, mystic songs into one righteous abode.



July 4, 2005 - In Stock
Hypocriticool is a brilliant and never-predictable collection of songs that invites you to chill on a proverbial futon of sound offering a generous portion of beautiful, melodic imagery that tests your imagination and makes you want to crash Josh Cole's house party every night. "While working on my brother's farm, I realized the industries of agriculture and music are the same in that they've... [read more]