Jerry Alexander

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Jerry Alexander

Jerry performed for years with Paul Black in The Alexander/Black Blues Band (later known as "Kings of the World") one of the truly legendary bands in Madison's music history.

The blues is at the heart of Jerry's music -- but it would be a mistake to place him inside any one category. The spirit of unique American artists like Thelonious Monk, Hank Williams, and Howlin' Wolf is in the air here; quirky, courageous, irascible. Jerry's defining quality, like theirs, is a refusal to compromise.

Jerry's playing was also featured in the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed film "Hoop Dreams".

His CD, "Radiator" is "bare bones brilliant". Recorded live in the studio, it features Jerry performing on guitar, harmonica, percussion and vocals - all at once. No gimmick, Jerry's music is powerfully soulful and poetic.

Jerry won the "Best Blues Artist 2006" award in the Madison Area Music Awards.



July 17, 2005 - In Stock
Jerry Alexander's "Radiator" is bare bones brilliant. This is a supurb recording of a live in the studio performance. There are drums, cymbols, guitar, harmonica and vocals but there is only Jerry. There are no overdubs. In this simple context, the connection between artist and listener is wonderfully direct. Voted "Best Blues Album 2005" in the Madison Area Music Awards.