Bob Manor

Bob Manor

If you like rockin Americana with a touch of alt country twang you very well might fall in love with this band. Gritty enough to be authentic, Bob Manor writes honest - from the hip - songs and The Getaway Drivers bring them to life as each requires - be it a hard driving rock tune or a tender ballad.

Bob Manor is Bob Manor. He plays guitar, writes the songs and sings.

The Getaway Drivers are Ellie Erickson (lap steel, mandolin), Steve Pingry (cello), Ken Keeley (bass), Maggie Forrestal (viola and vocals), and Peter Fee (drums).


Ghosts of Yesterday

August 3, 2005 - In Stock
Acoustic Rock with folk and country flavors thrown in for good measure. Ghosts of Yesterday features original songs that explore life, love, restlessness, defiance, disillusionment and hope in the backdrop of the American heartland. The music is acoustically driven, featuring mandolin, acoustic guitar, drums, bass and piano. One can hear influences of rock, country, gospel and folk. The writing... [read more]