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Holla Body

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Barry Bennett
Fri, Jun 1, 2012

Holla Body

hello beautiful...

just a note. no live performance scheduled right now, but lots of irons in the pot. a couple of recording projects. Edward Reardon and i have been kicking concepts for a Doctor Bonobo album in the future and i have sent some things to Ed's secret lab. also, been talking with David Lee Smith and Tracee Westmoreland about making at least one track together long distance style. remember that they are in Berlin and Brussels. Davidly, says he may have something in my inbox in a few weeks to play with... Why? cause it'll fun and it is the original MiLkBabY's 15 year.
Hear that Dave and Tracee? i said it in public, so we have to do it! :)

i am also working on a new solo collection titled, "Black Galaxy Sparkle", with no release date named of course. i am being super open with the process on this one, posting ideas on soundcloud and such for folks to enjoy. here is a track i just finished, which i am almost certain will make it on the album. it is called "Holla Body" and it harkens to my secret wish to be Cee-lo... strap on the Phones and enjoy the Stream...

*** ok. i know lots of you guys use that book of faces thinamabob...if you like to have a little more time together, you can "like" my page...

***also, there are all sorts of portal of sound and goodness at my main website. visit it sometime. content changes and when the book of faces goes out of business, you should be used to going there :)

ok. this note is over. there is a very good chance that i love you...


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