Stephanie Rearick news - incl. Madison and Minneapolis shows, new song available

Stephanie Rearick news - incl. Madison and Minneapolis shows, new song available

Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail
Thu, Feb 9, 2012

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm pleased to introduce my new act, Stephanie Rearick, Jr. Had its debut at Mickey's recently and I certainly enjoyed it! For SR JR I play casio and loops. Sometimes I use the little casio beats, sometimes not. Maybe I'll graduate to better beats someday, maybe not. I'm just learning! Lay off!
But... I'm obsessed with playing this way and am practicing all the time and writing new stuff for this format. So I'm very excited to start playing it for you.

I'll keep playing more piano-y Stephanie Rearick (regular - but that part won't be added to the name) shows sometimes but I think I'll do a few straight-up SR JR to get it out of my system a little bit. In the future I'll do both kinds of stuff in most shows.

You can check out a new SR JR song (just a little home recording on a Zoom) at You can get it for free or make a small donation to support the cause.


Next show is a house concert in Minneapolis on Sat. Feb. 25 with the always fantastic Painted Saints and Cardboard Dreams. Starting at 8. Details to follow, or reply to this message to inquire.

I play on internet TV show Red Dragon on Friday March 9 at 7pm (Central time) at 109 E Lakeside St. For those of you in and around Madison - come make a studio audience/party!!! Really, it'll make it much more fun. First half is SR JR show, second half is interview. I assume I'll be talking about DIY economic stuff a lot but who knows. Come make it fun! If beer's allowed I'll bring extra for you.
You can watch it online wherever you are. Spread the word far and wide!

And don't forget:
Even though I'm doing all this new stuff I stand behind
Up The Wall 100% and encourage you to buy it from me! I'd love to finish paying it off soon.

You can get the whole album for 8 bucks at the same site, or more precisely:

whilst there, check out other Uvulittle artists! Crooked Mouth members have exciting stuff coming up with the impending release of tons of old, classic and rare Maestro Subgum and the Whole recordings in the works.

And, always feel free to evisit me at