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Shows! Negative Example TONIGHT, Ladyscissors and Stephanie solo soon

Stephanie Rearick

Hello all,

It would be lovely to see you at a show soon, and you have many varied ones to choose from.

Negative Example at Mickey’s!
I play keys in Bucky Pope’s band Negative Example. The music is cool and original, kinda jazzy, kinda punky, kinda balls out rock n roll, or something :)
Wood Chickens
Combo #5 extra large w/ a Coke

The Red Flags (Janesville... [read more]


(Not) Another Day Songs

Jenny Magnus

These tracks are part of a larger show called (Not) Another Day, a sung play about process and the ends of things, produced by The Curious Theatre Branch in September/October of 2018 at Prop Thtr in Chicago. In the live performance they were sung by the cast: Paul Brennan, Leo Brun, Brook Celeste, T-Roy Martin, Beau O’Reilly, Vicki Walden, and Julia Williams. These are versions I made to teach the songs to the... [read more]



Ritt Deitz

Hi friends,

I am happy to see the lovely review of my new record in this past week's ISTHMUS. I'll share it with you here, if you haven't seen it yet. It reminds me of the hard work that my bandmates put in, and of course of the excellent circa-1978 open-reel engineering Bruce Kasprzyk did to make this recording sound so rich:

http... [read more]


Playing solo and more at Social Justice Center open house Tomorrow! and other August shows

Stephanie Rearick

Hello friends,

I’m writing to tell you about/remind you of some more upcoming shows. Last time I included info about the SJC Open House (tomorrow!) I wasn’t on the music itinerary, but now I am. And excited to be playing a real piano plus my jr. rig, so again anything is possible. Please try to make it! Food, fun, music, learning, a chance to share your vision for your community and also pitch in to make... [read more]