Stephanie Rearick and Ladyscissors music news

Stephanie Rearick and Ladyscissors music news

Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail
Sat, May 7, 2016


I'm writing to fill you in on a little music news.

First, I play a house concert in Brussels this Friday 5/13 at 8pm. Yes, Brussels Belgium. I'm very excited. Our host, Anne Snick, has arranged to have a nice (electric, I'm presuming) piano for me to play, and a trumpet, and I'll bring my looper. I've been practicing a lot and have recently learned a Regina Spektor song I can't stop playing. So I think it'll be a fantastic evening. Anne will play a little guitar and who knows what else might happen.. Do you or someone you know live in or near Brussels? Then email me and I'll pass on the invitation!

I'll be in Europe to do some work on Mutual Aid Networks (, including presenting at the OuiShare Fest in Paris ( Huzzah! Feel free to subscribe to my (more work-oriented, frequent and in-depth than my music blog at uvulittle) for more information. More timely too.

From Paris I go to California – San Francisco then Monterey then back to San Fran – for an immersion training for my new BALLE ( Fellowship. Exciting! Again, let me know if you want to come to a MAN workshop there or if you want to host some kind of concert on May 28.

And finally, I also have Ladyscissors news. We're just about done laying the tracks for our new record, To The Nines. I love it!

You can get our first record, Glitterbox, here - along with Glitterbox panties and Ladyscissors t-shirts!

And we have a show at the Tip Top Tavern 601 North St. in Madison on Friday July 1, 10pm.

All in all it's shaping up to be a really cool spring and summer. Hope to see you somewhere along the way.