Rearick does Bowie! Feb. 6, w/ the Rohnellaros and the Spiders from Madison

Rearick does Bowie! Feb. 6, w/ the Rohnellaros and the Spiders from Madison

Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail
Tue, Jan 26, 2016


Some quick music news for you:
I'm gonna play a Bowie-themed show at Mother Fool's on Sat Feb 6 at 8pm. 1101 Williamson St., Madison

Cat Capellaro, Andrew Rohn, Matthew Sanborn and Joey Zarda will also open with a set - as the Rohnellaros and the Spiders From Mars.

David Bowie has always been my artistic hero and I've played a bunch of his songs over the years, his versions of other people's songs (my recordings of Wild is the Wind and Across the Universe). And I have several songs of my own that quote or are directly influenced by him (well I suppose you could say all of them are). So, this is how I'm paying my respects. I'll be playing my full-size electric piano.

It's been a lovely experience to remember and re-learn songs I'd forgotten I knew, and to fall in love with this music all over again.


Besides that, just getting ready to record another Ladyscissors record!!! This is really gonna rock. Writing new material now, so some you'll hear for the first time on the record!

Oh, and I'll be starting to tour again in March. Solo, to St. Louis, Bloomington IN, Louisville KY, Greensboro NC, Washington DC, Allentown and Philadelphia PA, NYC, Providence RI, Ithaca NY, Detroit MI, Lansing MI, and Chicago. Know of venues or artists I should connect with? Want to help set up or promote shows? Then reply to this email to let me know.

Meanwhile, feel free to buy panties, t-shirts, and CDs.

Take care