Fri. March 9 - Online TV show w/ Stephanie Rearick Jr. set and interview

Fri. March 9 - Online TV show w/ Stephanie Rearick Jr. set and interview

Stephanie Rearick's SavantMail
Fri, Mar 2, 2012

Hello friends!

I'm writing to invite you to come to, watch, and/or help spread the word
about an upcoming show I'm doing.

I'll play a set as Stephanie Rearick Jr., my new thing solo thing on casio,
trumpet and loops which I'm liking very much. from 7-8pm Central (1 UTC -
double check this!)
Then I get interviewed by host Ari John White Wolf. I'm assuming I'll talk
about timebanking/DIY economic things mainly but who knows? From 8-9pm

The show is Red Dragon
The date is Friday March 9 at 7pm (Central time)
The location is 109 E Lakeside St., Madison
The link to watch it is

For those of you in and around Madison - come make a studio
audience/party!!! Alcohol-free space, kids welcome if they'd like it,
dancing welcome too. You can come for the show, leave for the interview or
vice versa.

You can watch it online wherever you are. Help spread the word far and wide!


And here's a place to download a Stephanie Rearick Jr. song so you can see
if you might enjoy a show:

You can also find all my albums there (5 of them, plus a couple band recordings) if you're interested, plus more stuff at

oh yeah, and Ladyscissors (the trio I play drums and sing in, also with Lorrie Hurckes on guitar and vox and Brent George on guitar) just finished the basic tracks for our first recording session. Might be demos, might be some stuff to share online, we'll see when we get farther along. Thanks to Jon Hain from Uvulittle for recording us! And to Brian of DNA for sharing some equipment with us.

bye for now