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New Releases... just in time for your virtual stocking!

New Releases... just in time for your virtual stocking!

Barry Bennett Impending News
Mon, Dec 18, 2017

hello beautiful!

it's that most wonderful time to give the gift of music for all the ears and brains that you love! (including your own)

like this one from BARRY BENNETT, fresh to the world:

Long time in releasing this...a 20 year retrospective of my composition work in the theatre. - just like the title says :)
It was fun digging through hard drives, qlab sessions, and mini discs (all hall the mini disc! )- remembering productions that were hibernating in the far reaches of my medulla oblongata.
I picked stuff that I thought you would enjoy out of context from production.
Enjoy it, humans...


or GRAPE JUICE PLUS in the studio, digital or CD:



or a LIVE one of GRAPE JUICE PLUS' set opening for the legendary STICK MEN!


all for today. thanks for helping make all these good things happen in my life. I will see you on the other side. onward to 2018....

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