Holiday Deals and Uvu-news

Holiday Deals and Uvu-news

Uvulittle Records News
Fri, Dec 12, 2014

Greetings --

Here’s the latest from Uvulittle Records.

We have two special deals to celebrate the season!

---> Maestro Subgum and the Whole -- We still have a couple dozen Box Sets left. Through Dec 21 they are $25 off with coupon: MAESTROBOX25 -- (while supplies last.) But wait, you also get a year long subscription to the Live and Un-released Archive. Too good to be true? Almost. Get this: you also get rare random Maestro memorabilia with every order. That's right, we're cleaning the office!! Treat yourself or the music lover on your holiday music lover list.

---> 5 for $10 deal.

In an effort to clear out old inventory of CDs we are offering this incredible deal.

Five (semi) random CDs from our catalog for ten bucks.

Feel free to give us a clue on the checkout comment form or let us surprise you.

~~~ Other than that…

The Ladyscissors debut CD, Glitterbox is off to a good start. They’ll be playing around Wisconsin and the midwest starting in February.


Stephanie Rearick’s new solo CD, “every thing everything”, will be released in the US in early 2015.


3. Susan and Richard Thomas - Live at Juicy John Pink’s

Still in progress… It is happening… But slow.


Have a great holiday season and wishing you the very best sounding 2015.

Thanks for supporting creative, independent music!

Jon Hain
Uvulittle Records